Modern Scandinavian trend “Lag”

Not so long ago, the world was embraced by the emotions of admiration for the Danish philosophy of happiness "Hyugge". Probably only lazy at least once did not read about it. But the fashion for life views is also changeable, and the Scandinavian concept of "lag" has replaced the "hugge". Let's find out what is his secret.

Greetings from Sweden!

This year the Scandinavian philosophy "lag" began its march in the world, touching all aspects of our life - from everyday life to politics. For those who think that such principles have arisen in the wake of fashion, they are mistaken.

In fact, in Sweden this trend has appeared a long time ago, and the inhabitants often call their country Lagomlandet, which means "Country Lang".

What is this mysterious Lang? If you try to explain in brief - the golden mean. Minimalism, practicality, moderation and restraint - these are the main features of the Scandinavians. This is their philosophy. Nothing extreme, everything is calm and decorous, not slow, but not in a hurry.

One of the main "preachers" of such principles is the well-known company Ikea.She even holds special workshops for those who want to make their lives as comfortable as possible. They teach how and on what you can save your strength, how to equip your house, and what devices to buy, so that utility bills are half as much (of course, by advertising your products).

If you ask the Swede about the langom, he will tell you about the necessary right balance between work and leisure, pleasure and benefit, collectivity and individuality.

What are the features of the lag-life? After all, if this is so relevant, then perhaps we all would do well to borrow something useful from it:

  • Practical approach. To all. For those who have long dreamed of an audit, the most it. Throw away everything that you no longer use, and learn how to realistically assess the value of things. Perhaps the boxes that you collect in case of relocation are not so necessary today, because they only litter the space, even in the storeroom.

Do you like to buy food in advance, clog the refrigerator with them, and then send some of them to the trash can? Stop it. Take only what is needed in the near future.So save both money and space.

  • Manifestation of emotions. Of course, there are always exceptions, but for the most part the Swedes are quite balanced in emotions, both positive and negative. This restraint is not coldness, but only a desire to leave his personal space for another person, and not to cause too much anxiety.
  • Failure does not mean disrespect. You are again asked to go to work overtime, but on condition of loyalty to the idea? Ask for help, but do you understand that you can do this at the expense of an important time for yourself? Say no. The Scandinavians do not consider this a manifestation of disrespect. They are quite straightforward and boldly refuse if it interferes with their lag.
  • Naturalness Furniture made of natural wood, things made of natural fabric, a minimum of makeup for every day and natural beauty.
  • Food. Residents of Sweden love familiar, understandable foods and dishes. And also at a party, everyone puts a portion of himself in a plate that he can eat. It is not customary to leave the food, because it means that you overestimated your strength, and this is not a lag at all. Cakes, by the way, no one cuts into portions. Guests cut off as much as they can again "beat".

Scandinavian semi-finished products do not like much, and some products like to prepare for future use. For example, to freeze vegetables and fruits.

A great idea to borrow - a menu for the week. Having planned the list of dishes, and having bought all the products necessary for this, you will definitely reduce the amount of waste.

  • Fashion. The dress code in this country is peculiar - often a shirt and jeans. Why all? Because it is convenient and practical. Lagom also calls for the purchase of high-quality things that will last a long time, and also not to chase after fashion. It is better to buy something that will always be relevant, and stop being a victim of consumerism.
  • Job. The main principle of the trend in the work - planning. It allows you to anticipate possible options for the development of the situation and be ready to solve problems as they come. In addition, it is worth fully free from one day off. After all, a full rest is the key to effective work.
  • Benefit to others. Of course, it is important to create such living conditions in order to feel as comfortable as possible in them, to be able to say “no,” and so that nothing will disturb the right balance with Lang.But without a portion of positive emotions this very lang is impossible. And you can take them just through the benefits that you can bring to the world around you.

For the Swedes, this is primarily a concern for the environment. There is a high enough not only the standard of living, but also eco-culture. And it is encouraged at the state level. The rule that is followed here is “Cut, reuse, recycle.”

Where to begin? It's simple. Revise your wardrobe and give things to those in need, make an audit in household items and present something that is no longer useful to designers. Some Swedish clothing brands in stores around the world even exchange old items for discount coupons.

The popular Scandinavian trend lag makes it possible to achieve a balance of life, and once again proves that in the modern world you can enjoy life without cluttering up the house with unnecessary things, head with unnecessary thoughts, and rest with unnecessary things.

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