Why is mom dreaming

Did you see mom in your dream? This may portend important events. What do the dreams in which the mother dreams, according to different interpreters.

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What is mom dreaming about
What is mom dreaming about

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

What is mom dreaming about? If a man sees his mother dying, he needs to be on his guard. This means that he will soon open up new perspectives. It should be careful not to miss them.

Dreams in which a mother dies are always a reflection of anxiety for the life and health of loved ones. You will worry about them for no real reason, fears will be in vain.

If a long-dead mother in your dream is alive and in a good mood, communicates with joy - this is a very auspicious dream. The deceased mother comes in a dream to the appearance in your life of an important person, a meeting with whom will change the whole future fate.

Why does a mother give advice? Hearing advice from a dead mother in a dream is a sign that you cannot let go of the current problematic situation. To her advice you should definitely listen.

It is considered alarming if the deceased mother is seen as alive and at the same time in the family someone is seriously ill.

Mom is alive and well, but dreams that she died - foreshadows worries and troubles, but they will fall on your mother's head.

If in a dream you see how your mother died and lies in a coffin, it means that you are on the verge of global life changes.

Why dream of a loved one's mother? If in a dream a girl is in good relations with her, this is an auspicious sign, promising pleasant efforts.

If in a dream a girl quarreled with the mother of her beloved man, it means that it will be difficult to establish good relations with her in life. Give her as a gift means that you really want peace in the family.

Female dream book

According to the female dream book, mom is seen as young - you need to spend more time with your family, you are too busy with work outside the house, homework needs you.

To quarrel in a dream with mom, to see how she beats you - to the discord in the family, misfortune can happen, in which you can not find those guilty.

If in a dream you see how mother is crying - the dream is disturbing, you need to pay attention to family relationships, this will avoid large quarrels and scandals.

I dreamed of a living mother, such as it really is - a sign that the psychological situation in the family depends on you at the moment.

For a woman, a dream in which a mother is seen in a good mood is always favorable and promises good news.

If the deceased mother calls you - you are on the wrong path and are acutely aware of your loneliness.

Psychological dream book

According to G. Miller: to see how the mother enters the house is a good sign for people doing business - things will go uphill. Join the conversation with my mother - the long-awaited good news will come soon. For a woman, a meeting with her mother in a dream promises a calm, measured family life, but to see someone else's mother sick or dying - to alarming events. Why dreamed mother crying - a dream warning, you are in danger.

According to D.Loff: a dream in which the mother appeared, should be interpreted depending on your relationship with her. If the relationship was good, good - the dream promises joy, if a woman vies with her mother for power in the family - problems will arise at work, relations would be bad - to hassle.

Sexy dream book

According to this dream book, mother means that everyone will soon learn about your secret love affair. If you are hiding a loved one from your family, a dream is a signal that it is time to introduce them. For a young girl, sleeping with her mother promises receiving all kinds of benefits, pleasures from her man.

Dream dream wanderer

Seeing a mother is a fateful sign. For a man, this means responsibility for his life, a new stage of life, ambitious plans. If the mother sees a woman, for her it is a warning that you need to be attentive to your family and fulfill your responsibilities.

If a woman saw her mother blooming and young, this promises her a successful marriage, a joyful event. Dreamed of having sex with your own mother - you have too high demands on others.

Witch Dream

Why mom dreams, tell this dream book. The image symbolizes femininity, gentleness, compassion. If the mother feels good in a dream - you are under her protection, you can count on the help of the mother. If in a dream mom shares her problems with you, in real life you will experience difficulties.

Gypsy dream book

According to this dream book, any dream in which the image of the mother is present should be regarded as favorable. The appearance of a mother in a dream promises prosperity and well-being. Invite your mother to live with you - you are doomed to success in all your endeavors.

To see the living mother of the dead - to their own illness.

Also, the appearance in the dream of the image of the mother signals that your forebodings will prove to be true.

What a mom alive is dreaming about - to get good news, to see a dead mother - to hassle, illnesses.

If in a dream you see that your mother, in fact, is alive, is dying - this predicts her early illness.

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