Motorsport in Moscow

Motorsport in MoscowIt so happened that the current event turned out to be an anniversary one: exactly 100 years ago, the first amusement park in Russia opened in St. Petersburg. For entertainment, visitors were offered the “Roller Coaster”, “Ferris Wheel” and, pay attention, “The Mill of Love”. At the Dmitrov training ground, where four-wheeled "lunatics" came together, there were no mills, but there was a swing, a sprint track and a platform for driving in reverse and blind.


Incidentally, in the context of off-road motor racing in Moscow, the “blind” attraction is of particular interest (that’s what the test disciplines will call Luna-Park after all). On the one hand, it has nothing to do with off-road, because it takes place on a completely flat trodden ground, but on the other hand, it is an excellent simulator for developing team spirit. If the pilot is put on a cloth cap on his head, in which he sees absolutely nothing, then it is not even the navigator’s instructions themselves that are of particular value, but the level of trust between the crew members. The spectators can see it perfectly well without any explanations: some cars barely crawl, turn on the back, spin the wheels, and others fly the track in two bills - it’s immediately clearthat these people behind them have not one hundred of the hardest Geometers.


But, of course, the organizers could not deprive the participants of this off-road. A separate stage was dedicated to him, located in the depths of the landfill, on forest paths with snowdrifts, but just not to the waist. The task for the traditional orientation - take a picture at all control points. Perhaps it was only on this site that it made sense to remember that the participants' cars are different. Classes, like most pokatushek organized by JeepFest, four. In the initial, under the name "Polish", includes crossovers in the standard equipment. For this category, select the most simple and easy routes, the passage of which does not threaten the appearance on the back of combat scars. Next comes, "Standard." The title quite accurately describes the set of technical limitations. Rubber can be chosen to your taste, but the wheels should be no more than 31 inches. In the “Prepared Standard”, 34-inch “rollers”, a winch and other dopa are permissible, and in the category “Prepared” there are practically no restrictions.


Probably, the main advantage of “Lunapark” is that it regularly supplies new shots to the jipper movement. “Many began with Poliroli,” said Konstantin Zhuravlev, the organizer of the off-road performance.- Now these people have arrived on a fully charged vehicle. But when a man just bought himself a SUV, where should he go? "It seems that people already know where to go - an event that began with a couple of dozen crews this year gathered almost two hundred cars! This is undoubtedly a success.


And finally, about the winners. In the category "Polylol", the best were Michael and Sergey Ustinov, in the most powerful class "Prepared" all ahead of Anton Beknev and his navigator Elena Golubeva, in the "Prepared standard" the crew of Armen Avanesyan and Alina Chizhikova earned the most points. Separately, let us say about the winners of the “Standard” class, in which almost as many crews were represented as in the three other categories. “Gold” was won here ... the same Sergey and Mikhail Ustinov! During the day they managed to perform in two cars and in both cases turned out to be the best. “Silver” went to Denis Antipin and Alexander Loginov, and the “bronze” went to Nikolay Sinotov and Ilya Smyshlyaev.

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