Myself a psychologist: 20 questions to understand yourself

One correct question that we ask ourselves can change our lives. We asked the writer and author of two best-selling "100 Ways to Change Life" Larisa Parfentieva to put together as many as 20 such questions for us.

These questions will help you understand what is truly important to you, what you run from all your life and where your real dreams live.

Ask them yourself, listen to yourself, change your life!

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1. If I could leave only one memory from all life, which one?

I love this question! It shows crystally what can be called the most important in our life. The people answering this question suddenly realize what the main points of their life were: time spent with the family; moments related to the occupation of your favorite hobby, or travel.

2. If my life was a film, how would I want to continue it?

One day, a friend of mine saw this question written on misted glass, and he changed his life.After him, he quit the unloved job and decided to devote all his time to his hobby, which now made him one of the most famous people in the city.

And if your life was a movie, how would you like to continue it?

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3. What would I do if I knew for sure that I would succeed?

The main question to ask yourself. It shows exactly what you would do if you didn’t have fears, excuses and other ridiculous reasons not to live the life you want.

4. What is it?

Buddhist monk Tit Nat Khan once said that we too often ask ourselves the question “What's wrong?”, Concentrating on the negative. Our life would be much happier and more sincere if we asked ourselves: “What is it?” The answer to this question allows us to be grateful if we woke up this morning, unlike 160 thousand people who did not open today eyes.

5. What are my achievements I'm proud of?

Make a list of what you can be proud of. You can add there even such seemingly insignificant things as, for example, cooking classes. When you see your reasons for pride on paper, your level of self-worth will jump up.

6What did my parents give me in my opinion?

By asking yourself this question, you will see what you will strive for all your life. If you think that you were not fond of your childhood, then all your life you will run after other people in an attempt to get love from them.

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7. How should my parents never have to behave with me?

By answering this question, you will see situations from which you will run all your life. For example, my girlfriend thinks that mom took care of her too much. And now she even takes her usual care of herself as hyper-care and flies off the coils.

8. What are the three main mistakes in my life I do not want to repeat?

They say that the rake is divided into two types: 1) that teach something and 2) my loved ones. Think, and what "your favorite rake" is repeated from year to year?

9. My best decision in the last five years is ...

Five years ago, I decided to quit a beautiful life and work on television in Moscow for the sake of a ghostly dream - to become a writer. I packed up and left for my hometown of Ufa. Now I have already published two books that have become bestsellers. The best decision of my life is to believe the quiet voice of your heart and follow it.

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