Names for your daughter by seasons and church traditions

On such an important question in our lives, like, what name to give the girl, parents usually spend a lot of time and effort. After all, with him the child will live for the rest of his life, will call him, getting to know other people. Among the many beautiful and sonorous it is rather difficult to choose only one. So how to choose a name for a girl? What criteria to follow?

Choose the name of the future daughter by the time of year and the church calendar

When choosing a suitable name, parents sometimes cannot agree on a common variant. One may not like the grandmothers, the other - not combined with the patronymic and (or) surname. I also want it to reflect the future beauty of your baby, but at the same time you don’t want to refer to a variety of foreign words. Therefore, in recent years, the old Russian names of girls have become popular. Now let's try to understand a little about all sorts of customs and certain traditions that can help you choose a name for a girl.

Names by time of year

The seasons in which the daughter was born affect her future character and ability. For winter, gentle names will suit: Polina, Snezhana, Lily, Anastasia, Alice, Milena, Severin. Such a choice will somewhat soften the innate severity.

Choose the name of the future daughter by the time of year and the church calendar

For those born in the spring will be good: Sophia, Stella, Daria, Diana, Karina, Lydia, Alexandra, Tatiana, Claudia, Irina, Faina and others. In summer, the following options are relevant: Tamara, Maria, Alina, Varvara, Elena, Alevtina, Valeria, Lyudmila, Elizaveta, Tamara, Margarita, Julia and others. Autumn children are well suited for such beautiful names as Anna, Vera, Olga, Eva, Zlata, Vasilisa, Eugenia, Claudia, Mila and many others.

Foreign names have imperceptibly merged into the Russian language: Angelica, Charlotte, Ivanna, Juliet, Marianne and many others. Many of them are very rare in consumption and incomprehensible. Therefore, choosing this option, consider whether it will not cause confusion (or even ridicule) in kindergarten or school. You can not predict the reaction of her peers, and your daughter can get a serious psychological trauma because of this.

Church Calendar Names for Girls

The church calendar can also help in choosing the right name for a girl.It should be noted that the birth date of the child is added eight days, and only then they look at the correspondence. For each month, there is a certain number of names for girls, from which you should choose the one you like. This method is also suitable for the case if the child is a boy.

Choose the name of the future daughter by the time of year and the church calendar

We list the Orthodox names of girls by months.

For January, fit: Irina, Anastasia, Eugene, Theodore, Vasilisa. In February: Christina. Zoya, Valentine. March: Marina, Galina, Uliana, Marianna, Margarita. April: Galina, Akulina, Larisa, Matrona, Anna. May: Taisiya, Julia, Maria, Tamara, Pelageya, Faina.

For the summer months, the following names will do. June: Martha. Nelly, Antonina, Sophia, Elena, Valeria. In July: Inna, Marina, Rimma, Alevtina, Valentina. In August: Magdalene, Svetlana, Milena, Serafima. Nona, Christina.

Choose the name of the future daughter by the time of year and the church calendar

In autumn you can choose from the following. September: Anfisa, Ludmila, Raisa, Hope, Love, Anna. In October: Thekla, Zlata, Taisiya, Veronika, Jonah. In November: Anastasia, Maria, Elena, Nelly.

And in the last month, December: Olga, Barbara, Zoya, Anfisa.

This, of course, is not a complete list. If you are interested, you can ask the church minister for more information or search the Internet.And it is important to understand that these are just recommendations, and the final choice rests with the parents.

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