Natalie Portman has responded to the fact that she is constantly being compared to Millie Bobby Brown

After the star of "Strange Affairs" Millie Bobby Brown began to flash on the red carpet more and more often, her fans noticed one interesting detail. In their opinion, 14-year-old Milly is like two peas in a pod ... like young Natalie Portman, who became famous at the same age - after her debut in the film "Leon". Previously, the 36-year-old Natalie was compared with Kira Knightley - sometimes the audience even confused these two actresses, but now Portman seems to have a new clone!

Publication from Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobbybrown)Feb 20, 2018 at 4:18 am PST

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Natalie Portman decided to dot the i's and responded to her comparison with 14-year-old Millie. “I met Millie at the Golden Globe some time ago. She came up to me and said that many people tell her that she looks like me as a child.I answered Milli: "This is very cute, but you have your own magical personality."

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Natalie also admitted that she did not understand why the Web began to actively discuss its similarity with Milli: “There’s definitely something in common between us, it’s a fact. But I find her a much more magical person. She is incredible, ”said Portman. This is a compliment! Millie was flattered and wrote on Twitter that a more talented and beautiful actress could not even imagine.

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