Necklaces and bracelets in the form of chains that will make the image more expensive

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

The chain is an absolutely universal axiom in jewelry, which combines the West and the East, male and female, the past and the present. Imagine the simplest chain necklace, and you will understand the character that is so versatile in this jewel: you can find a chained pattern encased in metal in punk culture and refined office classics from the pages of fashion magazines of the 80s, and in ethnic style with an admixture of colored decorative elements. You can’t simply state with chains and chains: “Oh, this 80s are back!” - because this jewel touched every fashionable epoch with its presence. And therefore, it is really trying to please literally everything - look at our selection and make sure that you will find your soul mate in this kind of jewelry.

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