Neroli oil

Neroli oilNerolium oil is also called orange blossom. It is very expensive and is used only in products of higher grades. It is obtained from the flowers of an orange tree (orange) by steam distillation. 800 ml of oil can be obtained from one ton of flowers. What is so interesting oil neroli?


Depending on the raw material, three types of non-nerve oil are obtained:


  • Neroli bigared The most significant grade of oil, for its production use bitter Sevilsky orange;
  • Portuguese neroli. For its production use sweet orange flowers;
  • Classical Neroli. Made from the flowers of mandarin and lemon.


According to legend, the oil got its name from the Italian Countess Neroli, who loved the flowers of the orange tree. She took baths with them, added to the perfume. The countess's floral scent was so attractive that all men submitted to her, and women were immensely jealous.


The aroma of neroli is very fresh, with spicy citrus notes. The oil goes well with lemon, lavender, juniper, rosemary oils.Store it in dark glass bottles with a tightly closed lid. Over time, the oil darkens, but does not lose its alluring smell and an extensive list of useful properties.


Neroli essential oil. Properties:


Neroli oilNeroli oil perfectly calms the nervous system. It helps to relieve stress, gain strength, can fight insomnia, relieves headaches and relieves dizziness. With it, you can relax and feel a sense of tranquility.


Nutritionists advise taking essential oil for pain in the stomach, it is well relieves cramps and intestinal colic. The benefit of the digestive system is also due to the fermenting function. Oil helps to digest food, enhances the secretion of the stomach.


It has a positive effect on sexual function. In the East, it was considered an aphrodisiac. Also, neroli helps to remove muscle blocks and loosen up, normalizes blood circulation, treats arrhythmias, and tones the entire body.


Oil is good for hair. It restores their structure and gives elasticity. If you add it to the masks that you usually use, the effect will be visible after the first application.


But the most important property of neroli oil is its ability to slow the aging process. It fights against age-related changes of the skin, restores its elasticity and elasticity, nourishes it with oxygen, eliminates couperosis and various reddening of the skin, stimulates its regeneration.


Neroli oilUse oil in small doses. If you overdo it with the dosage, the fragrance from refined and light will turn into a suffocating and heavy smell.


The oil has no contraindications, only individual intolerance.


Neroli essential oil. Application:


To relax and relieve nervous tension apply baths with neroli oil, add it to massage creams or aromatic lamps. Five drops are enough for aromatherapy, 10 for fragrant baths, and 7 drops of neroli for 15 grams of base for massage.


For internal use does not need a large concentration. Therefore, 3 drops are enough for a glass of water. Honey can be added to taste. In Italy, neroli oil is added to the wine - 5 drops per half liter.


The oil is suitable for all skin types, it is part of many expensive creams and serums. The positive effect of neroli is clearly visible on mature, fading skin.It stimulates the production of collagen and the formation of new cells, visibly tightens the face and even eliminates existing wrinkles.

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