New way to cheat customers in the store

Today they went to the grocery store of a well-known network of red color. We go there often because prices are moderate, and the store itself is clean. We collected all sorts of stuff. Wife grabbed a piece of carb for cooking salad.

She had already bought it before, but he did not live to see the salad when I used it as sandwiches. Bought means food came home. While my wife was spinning, I put everything out of the packages, and my spouse came and began to study the check. She always does that. I hear matyuki: yes so that I .... yes for that kind of money .... yes for life .... and so on

Finding out the cause of the indignation was unpleasantly surprised. It turns out that the same piece of carbonate cost more than five hundred rubles, but not everything is so simple. It turns out we bought not 608 grams (see photo 1), but as many as 1198 (see photo 2). Spouse says that she looked at the price tag before taking the meat. And now carefully look at the photo 1. And the barcode is something pasted. And after all on a place at once also you do not smell! The list of purchased goods converges.And how much I bought and do not remember.

The classics of the genre ... He used to be a trade employee and the re-pasted barcode always rescued a careless seller in case of re-grading. Although there probably is a shortage. Some kind of pork in the department or in the warehouse got the pork, it is not clear how much and now in this way it is trying to cover the devoured shortage.

Having used a little little white and it seems tomorrow I will go to understand, because the meat has not yet been unpacked and there is a check. The cheating of rubles by 250 is not less. It’s not so much a pity for money as it’s a principle for the soul.

By the way, it will be said that an incident with my participation has already taken place in this store. A bottle of whiskey was purchased, and the difference between the price tag and the check was as much as 500 rubles. I couldn’t show anything to the store, because at that moment when I discovered the difference with the check, I was already partially in me. Show store was nothing special.

Be vigilant and always keep checks.

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