Is the nightgown beautiful or comfortable?

Almost every woman boasts a considerable wardrobe, which, in addition to everyday and festive things, should be set aside a corner for cozy and comfortable nightgowns. Nightwear is an important component of female charm, because it is important to be beautiful and well-groomed not only in the afternoon and evening, but also during sleep.

Many would agree that night pajamas or shirts should be not only beautiful and stylish, but also comfortable, comfortable, worthy of their mistress. After all, the peace and health of his sleep, which means good health and a healthy appearance, depend on what a person sleeps in, which is very important for any active modern person.

Sexual option

A nightgown or shirt has long ceased to be a piece of clothing that is meant solely for sleeping; in a beautiful and stylish pajamas, it is not a shame to go out for breakfast or please yourself with such a robe in the evening time of the day. But how to choose a women's nightdress?

Eyes diverge from various models and types that are now on the market, ranging from the modest pajamas, ending with seductive and frank peignoirs. In fact, you can say a lot about sleepwear, character and temperament, and maybe even hidden desires. Of course, this applies to pajamas or shirts that you buy yourself, to your taste.

If we turn to history, then, as it turned out, until the 15th century, women in Europe did not even know what a nightdress was, so they slept in the clothes they wore during the day. Since the XV century began to appear the first nightgowns, which were made of a thinner material, they were spacious and contained a large amount of tissue.

It should be comfortable

Because of this, their cost was high enough, and the need to use low, at least, so believed the bulk of the population, so continued to ignore the novelty. True, the rich and wealthy, of course, did not ignore such an interesting and new element of the wardrobe, so, with pleasure, used in everyday life.

Only four centuries later, nightgowns began to be used everywhere, women could even have a few shirts for different occasions: daily, for trips and decorative.By the way, it was in the XIX century that the first peignoirs appeared, which, however, more resembled modern evening gowns because of the length and large abundance of all kinds of ruche and lace.

In the modern world, no woman can do without such an important element of home wardrobe, however, fashion has changed somewhat, long and voluminous nightgowns have given way to short, practical and, sometimes, even frank models that are able to emphasize all women's charms.

"Nightie" - a reflection of the mood and character of its owner

How so? Why nightgown or pajamas suddenly became a reflection of the soul and temperament of its mistress? As you should understand correctly, this is only conditional, because, as you know, a woman is a changeable nature, which is carefree and cute today, like a little child, and tomorrow is an aggressive and wild nature, in which there is nothing childlike and sweet.

That is why most of us must keep one or even two sleeping robes, because with their help you can declare your state of mind and mood. Well, for example.

  • Pajamas with characters of comics and cartoon characters, as well as cute and funny little faces, are mostly intended for girls and teenagers who reflect all the lightheartedness and ease of their existence, and such girls are most likely still little girls inside.
  • Temperamental, strong, passionate persons always give their preference to frank, bright and expressive peignoirs, because girls in such night clothes look like real predators who are ready in bed for anything, and maybe even more.
  • Romantic and weightless natures who are not disturbed by earthly difficulties, absorbed in their world of lightness and impressions, prefer light shirts of pastel colors, often decorated with small patterns, lace or ruffles.
  • An exceptionally black peignoir or nightie speaks of a strong and resilient nature, who does not like to experiment, especially in bed, is inclined to the classics and, quite possibly, very sensitive to building her own career.
  • The real keepers of the hearth and home coziness prefer comfortable and comfortable shirts, which are mainly made from natural materials in pastel or blue colors.

Interestingly, not only the styles of pajamas, but even its color can tell a lot about your mood at the moment, especially it concerns beautiful negligee and seductive "nightie". For example, a red or burgundy negligee speaks of passionate fantasies and desires of its owner, and yellow or blue - causes coldness and reluctance, although it speaks about the sincere return of its mistress.

Pink or lilac color of negligee can tell about the sensual and gentle soul, but the reserved girls, in general, prefer brown and light colors. You just think, with the help of such "conventional symbols" you can play a kind of game with your husband or a young man: guess by the color, what a mood I have today!

How to choose a nightie for yourself?

First of all, decide what kind of pajamas you need to purchase, as we already said, in your wardrobe should not be one pajamas for all occasions.

Maybe ahead of a cold winter and you will need a warm and cozy pajamas, which can consist of pants and a top jacket with buttons, or maybe, on the contrary, you are going on a honeymoon on the sea,so you should pay attention to fashionable, seductive, lace models with transparent inserts? Or are you just going to update your wardrobe with regular daily pajamas, which must meet the two basic rules - nice and comfortable?

More convenient option

After you have decided on the shape, be sure to pay attention to the material, it is better to use natural fabrics, for example, silk, cotton, flannel or chintz. With their help, your body will be able to "breathe" during sleep, which means it is good to rest, moreover, they do not electrify and are very pleasant to the touch.

It's hard not to mention that the quality of the product reflects directly its quality, as well as the naturalness of its fabric, if you have met some frankly cheap shop, then think about the expediency of buying in it.

Before buying, be sure to try on pajamas, it should be a bit larger in size than you are, because after washing natural fabrics "settle", the thing can become smaller by the size. Nowhere, nothing should press, prick or scratch, look at the appearance: belts, oversized buttons or an abundance of beads, beads can prevent your comfortable and comfortable sleep.

And, most importantly, remember how you would not like your nightie, do not turn it into everyday home clothes, and wear only before bedtime.

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