Numerologist explained who fit the relationship without commitment

Together with the expert, we find out who has non-binding connections.

Olga Pertseva, a numerologist, calculated the numerological matrix of people who are assigned to one-time novels.

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The numerologist revealed secret desires in which not everyone can admit to himself.

- Relationships without commitment are often taboo subjects. Why? Because the environment and social behavior patterns often put pressure on us. Therefore, in spite of our program, we act in such a way as not to compromise ourselves and our loved ones, for status or because we all have it, and you don’t. And in the matrix, we see only true desires! ⠀⠀

So, who does not seek to burden themselves with persistence?

Sector "Debt" 8 / empty.

We all dream of an ideal man or wife, these are people with high moral principles, honest, able to endure and forgive. As a rule, they have the Debt sector 88/888, however, few people know how much pressure is coming from such people on loved ones. Only those who understand the value of such care can tolerate this.

I tell you this then, so that you understand: sometimes people with a weakened “Debt” sector are much more comfortable in relationships because they keep their distance. They do not want extra care either from their side or from the other. Of course, this is a relationship for more mature people or those who want more freedom. ⠀⠀

August 19, 2018 at 2:08 am PDT

Family ½ / empty

Do not forget that even in the most excellent relations there is a routine: women have to take care of their life, men have other duties. And let's be honest with ourselves and admit (by the way, I belong to this group) that we literally pull the routine. And to be frank with oneself, it is better not to face it. Enjoy each other's company, but do not dive into life with the head.

Temperament ½ / empty

I have an author’s version that not everyone will accept, but I want you to just think. A person with a reduced temperament can approach a relationship with pauses, because it is quite difficult to accumulate sexuality on a permanent basis. Relationships and sex are brighter, if there is the possibility of meetings and partings.

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