Original and unusual white manicure

White is a classic, clean and versatile color. But will it remain as attractive if you make a manicure in this tone? Let's find out!

Advantages and disadvantages of white manicure

You should start with the advantages of manicure in white:

  • Versatility. White color fits almost everything and is combined with any colors. In addition, the varnish of this shade can be applied both on short nails and on long ones, in any case they will look bright and stylish.
  • This color can be both reserved and calm, and bright, you just need to use it correctly.
  • White is in trend, and he will surely never go out of style. This is an unshakable classic for all time.

There are also disadvantages:

  • The white coating is able to emphasize defects, for example, irregularities of the nail plates.
  • Unfortunately, this coating can not be called durable. And even if it is slightly erased, it will immediately be evident.

Who is suitable?

A white manicure is suitable for almost everyone, but still most often it is chosen by young girls, as this color is associated with purity, freshness and lightness.But even in adulthood it will be quite appropriate and will allow you to refresh the image.

White color can be called universal, as it is always appropriate in all situations. Such a manicure will help to supplement a discreet and discreet office or business image, as well as create a bright coating that will be combined with an evening toilet or a fashionable cocktail outfit.

Proper preparation

For a manicure to succeed and turn out to be truly stylish and attractive, start with the right preparation. And that's what it is:

  1. Choose a quality varnish, only it will create the perfect finish and mask all defects.
  2. Be sure to do a basic manicure: cut the nails, if necessary, give them the correct shape. And do not forget to remove all the burrs and move the cuticle back using a wooden stick or a special spatula. Next, polish the nails with buffs, if there are defects on them. Nail plates should be completely free, neat, perfectly flat and smooth.
  3. And now relax, calm down and be patient, because if you experience, get angry or nervous, then the coating will not exactly turn out perfect.

Variants of stylish nail design

How to make a beautiful white manicure? Such a lacquer can be both the basis of coverage, and its addition or a bright accent. There are many different options:

  1. Monochrome coating. You can simply cover all the nails with white lacquer. Although this manicure is quite discreet and neutral, while it is bright and stylish. In addition, you can somewhat dilute monotonous marigolds by adding one or two color on each hand.
  2. French And you can choose a classic version with a white “smile”, as well as a more original and fashionable one, which presumes the use of white color as a basis and decorate the edge of the nail plate in a different tone.
  3. Various patterns on a white background, such as fruits, flowers, geometric shapes, all kinds of stripes (parallel, intersecting or randomly arranged) peas and other miscellaneous images.
  4. Gzhel - an unusual and stylish pattern.
  5. Moon manicure. White can be a background or used for decorating the hole.
  6. Decoupage technique - transferring various images from paper to a white background.
  7. Newspaper manicure with inscriptions.
  8. The effect of lace is romantic and gentle, this option is ideal for creating a wedding manicure.
  9. Maritime theme. You can decorate it with the help of blue stripes, images of anchors, lifebuoys or inhabitants of the depths, such as starfish, fish.
  10. "Glamorous" decor. If you are a fan of glitter, then to complement a white manicure, boldly use rhinestones, glitter and other jewelry, they will look interesting and absolutely not vulgar.
  11. Christmas variations on a white background, for example, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees and other attributes of this holiday.
  12. You can try to make marbled marigolds.

What colors does white match?

White, as noted earlier, is combined with any tones, but the following tandems are considered particularly stylish, fashionable and successful:

  • White with red. Scarlet won't seem so aggressive.
  • White and blue - dreams of the sky and flying.
  • Blue will make the image softer and more tender.
  • Pink will add a touch of romance to the manicure.
  • Gold will add chic.
  • Silver will make the coating even more luxurious.
  • Actual and black and white gamma.

How to apply lacquer?

The main stages of creating a manicure in white:

  1. Treat your nails.
  2. Apply a base coat.
  3. Cover your nails with a thin layer of white lacquer. After drying, repeat the application.
  4. Add a manicure decor, if it is conceived.
  5. Use the final cover.


Some useful tips:

  1. Update your manicure in time so that it remains as attractive. Remember that any defects are very noticeable, so even a small chip will require adjustment or replacement of the coating.
  2. If the surface does not turn out perfectly smooth, then you can go to the trick and use shimmering varnish. Apply it over white, and the nails will sparkle and look perfect and bright.
  3. If you just can not find a suitable manicure, study examples, for example, look at photos from fashion magazines. You can also ask for help from the master, he will offer several relevant and original ideas.
  4. Matt varnishes are very popular, but be careful with them. So, if the skin of the hands is not ideal, then such an texture can emphasize defects in an unfavorable light, so in this case it is better to give preference to gloss.

Use a stylish manicure in white to create a bright image.


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