Easy Cake for dessert

Easy Cake for dessert Easy Cake for dessert- a recipe. Ingredients: 0.5 liters of sour cream; 1 cup of sugar; 1 sachet of gelatin (25 g); 0.5 glass of cold water; 300 grams of sponge cake; strawberry; Kiwi. Cooking You can buy sponge cake.

Raffaello from curds

Raffaello Cheese Curls In the bustle of the holiday, many hostesses often puzzled over what they will prepare for the table and what dishes will surprise the guests this time. As a rule, before serving traditional hot dishes, relatives and friends, gathered together on.

DIY Folding Photobox

DIY Folding Photobox Shadowless photoboxing of factory performance is a necessary thing, but rather expensive. To us, far from professional photographers, a self-made lightcube is quite suitable, which can be made literally from anything. Among the most inexpensive and simple options are thick cardboard.

Ladybug Hair Clip

Clip for hair "Ladybug" The hair clip in the form of a charming ladybug will surely adorn the hairstyle of even the most fastidious young woman of fashion. For making “Ladybug” hairpins need to be prepared: - scissors. - satin ribbons of two shades.

Small highlights

Small highlights NATA KARLIN As you know, natural hair color is the wealth that nature has given a woman. But every lady loves change. Some are trying to bring something new to their image, others are looking for creativity. Therefore, women are looking for.

Heart Magnet

Heart Magnet Valentine's Day is a beautiful and bright day for all lovers. Traditionally, on this day lovers should give each other valentines and all sorts of knick-knacks in the form of hearts. But made by own hands, it becomes even dearer and more.

Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman Very little remains until the New Year 2017. Not only the kids, but also adults are looking forward to this wonderful magical holiday. Of course, many are already making New Year crafts and Christmas tree toys. This time, my older son and.

Tea Bag Cookies

Tea Bag Cookies Tea Bag Cookiesis a recipe. Ingredients: flour 1 3/4 cup; baking powder 1/8 tsp.; salt 1/2 tsp; butter 175 gr; Peanut Butter 7.5 tbsp. l.; Sugar 5 tbsp. l.; brown sugar 6 tbsp. l.; 3/4 tsp vanillin; egg 1 piece; chocolate.

Tomatoes in a mysterious marinade

Tomatoes in a mysterious marinade A few years ago, I met this recipe from a friend while preparing for a party. She opened a jar of tomatoes, offered to try, we tried the tomatoes ... then the pickle ... and did not carry the.

Honey toffee

Honey taffies Honey toffeeis a recipe. Ingredients: 300 grams of sugar; 120 grams of honey; 120 g of butter 250 ml of heavy cream or sour cream. Cooking Mix honey and sugar in a dipper and set on a small fire. Bring to a.

Clown Mask

Clown Mask If a child wants to be dressed up for a holiday, it is not necessary to buy an expensive carnival costume. After all, the next year the child will grow out of it, and will he want to be in the same.

Ivan Dorn removed a parody of blue lights

Ivan Dorn removed a parody of the "blue lights" The fur coat is wide open, an alcoholic T-shirt is visible from under it, the beard slid off, and he hides his eyes behind glasses with pink lenses. Hides so as not to see those.

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