Topographic survey of a land plot: stages and composition of work

Topographic survey of a land plot: stages and composition of work According to the law, the preparation of a project for the construction of a capital object must be carried out after a survey performed by a licensed company, for example, or by an.

Monetochka released a clip based on the movie Brother

Coin released a clip based on the movie "Brother" “They smoked anything, but not cigarettes. They extinguished it, they forgot: what was happening, it passed, And only from the cassette, from the songs of "Krovostok", I learn with childish horror that ... " The.

100 best ideas interior decoration bath

100 best ideas interior decoration bath Interior design of a bath The classic Russian bathhouse includes a dressing room, a steam room and a washing room. If funds permit, you can make a swimming pool, a game room, a recreation area, a kitchen and.

Little yarn cap

Little yarn cap Charming decorative little hats that resemble touching children's little things, very useful for the winter holidays, and can serve as interior decoration, a small present or even a Christmas-tree decoration. The process of making such a cap can be mastered quite.

How easy and simple to make Christmas toys with your own hands

How easy and simple to make Christmas toys with your own hands New Year - a magical holiday for children and adults. Preparation for this holiday is colored tinsel, carnival costumes, a festive menu and, of course, the decoration of the Christmas tree. To.

Origami Bow Tie

Origami bow tie In this master class, you will learn how to make a familiar male accessoryBow Tie in origami techniqueout of paper. Materials and tools: bow tie pattern (download below); paper of the color you want; printer; scissors; ruler; paper cutter; glue. Step.

Beaded Flowers

Beaded Flowers Workshops: Flower "Fragrant Mint" Sometimes needlewomen want something delicate and summer, for example, brooches or hairpins. I present to your attention a master class of a flower made of beads, which you can revive in your hair or give an image of.

Recommendations for washing hats and scarves

Recommendations for washing hats and scarves Hats and scarves in the process of socks can be very dirty. And to return them to the freshness and purity, the products need to be washed. But the washing procedure has some features and nuances. How to.

String art - paintings from nails and threads

String art - paintings from nails and threads String artis a very interesting trend in art that is becoming popular again. With the help of decorative carnations, a hammer and threads you can create incredibly beautiful patterns, inscriptions, drawings and even paintings. It all.

Why it is worth going on holiday to Montenegro

Why go on holiday to Montenegro? Traveling is always beautiful, surprising and interesting, and if you are gathered in Montenegro, then you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your rest. And why not, because it is a very small, but cozy.

What is useful wheat germ oil

How is wheat germ oil useful? Vegetable oils contain a lot of nutrients, but some of them are especially helpful. For example, the product obtained from wheat germ is a storehouse of vitamins and valuable components that promote health. Learn how to use this.

Sex in seconds

Sex in seconds Comments (9) 13 December at 0:41 | Mine, too, ends quickly, but before that it tries to warm me up properly, but this is still not enough, if only a little longer. Here I think, maybe he should drink something. Lady.

Grapefruit jujube

Grapefruit jujube Desserts based on natural citrus fruits and agar-agar - a good option for making homemade jelly candies. Grapefruit enriches the taste of marmalade, gives it a spicy bitter bitterness and delicate aroma. By the same principle, you can make sweetness with any.

Natural Candy

Natural Candy Increasingly, in our time, we have begun to pay more attention to what we eat. Perhaps people finally began to understand how much truth in the saying "you are what you eat". Either they poisoned their body so much that it makes.

Hare from the sock with your own hands

Hare from the sock with your own hands Make a merry bunny from the sock! Toys from socks, which are very simple and very fun to do with your own hands, are enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults. Therefore, this original.

Stone Wedding

Stone Wedding Stone wedding is celebrated after seventy-five years and a half of the joint family life. Such a long and strong union, of course, is a delight, it is worthy of imitation and respect. As a rule, the celebration that the spouses themselves.

Panel Mysterious couple using iris folding technique

Mysterious Couple panel using iris folding technique There is such an interesting technique in needlework as iris folding. Basically it is used in the manufacture of paper crafts. But I like working with textiles more. Therefore, almost all my works are made using the.

Why beautiful women are so often alone

Why beautiful women are so often alone Whatever women's magazine is open, we are always advised to be beautiful, and then the rest of melodious epithets like “successful”, “happy”, “beloved” and everything in this spirit supposedly follow themselves. But here is a paradox: beauty.

How to choose office chairs

How to choose office chairs? Typically, office chairs are classified into three main types: a chair for people who occupy management positions, for office guests, and for employees. for managers and managers, above all, differ in their size. These models have a wide seat.

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