Panda's Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask Panda- we make a cute sleep mask from felt.

Materials and tools:

  1. white, red and black felt
  2. needles and thread
  3. scissors;
  4. gum;
  5. Sintepon.


Step 1

Download the pattern of parts, transfer to the felt (the number of parts indicated on the pattern) and cut out the details.

Fold all the parts together and mark.

Step 2

First we sew hearts to black circles - eyes. Next, put together 2 parts of the mask and on top of the eye, sew only on the contour of the eye. Sew on nose.

We sew ears: we sew 2 parts and inside a synthetic winterizer. Cut off the gum of the desired length. We attach ears and gum to the mask with needles.

At the end we stitch around the edge of the mask.

Allsleep maskis ready.

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