Peculiarities of the breed and photo of the smooth chihuahua

When looking at a photo of smooth-haired chihuahuas it may seem that the animal is only suitable to be a toy and interior decoration. But this impression is erroneous. This is a complete dog with a peculiar character that requires attention.

Breed description Chihuahua smooth coat

Representatives of this breed are among the smallest dogs. They grow to just 23 cm at the withers and weigh less than 3.5 kg. Their short hair may have a different color from white to brown or black. Dark, slightly protruding eyes and widely spaced erect ears give the animal special expressiveness.

chihuahua smooth coat
Smooth-haired Chihuahua should be regularly brushed with mittens
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A distinctive feature of the representatives of this breed is devotion to one host. The animal is good for all members of the family, but attached to one person. The change of ownership is a great stress for him, and the period of habituation can take a long time.

The character of the Chihuahua is not typical of decorative dogs. They are characterized by such features:

  • Courage.This baby is ready to rush even to the pit bull or fearlessly bark at a stranger, and at large sizes would be a good guard.
  • Activity. She is ready to rush around the room all day, jump, play.
  • Dominance. She is sure that everything should revolve around her, and the other inhabitants of the house should respect her. Strangely enough, even larger dogs living in the house are usually considered to be with her.
  • Equilibrium. Animals are mobile, but not hysterical, rarely cowardly.

This is an ideal family dog. But she tolerates young children with difficulty and can show aggression towards them.

Problems of education smooth-haired chihuahuas

There are reviews that smooth-haired chihuahuas are uncontrollable and difficult to train animals. Most often this happens if time is lost and their character has already formed. So that the dog does not disappoint you, consider the following features of its education:

  • Good learnability puppies. Start working with him as early as possible, be patient, walk with him more.
  • Intelligence dogs. She analyzes and remembers the demands placed on her, and a violation of logic in her upbringing can cause irritation and lead to the opposite effect.
  • Susceptibility. The animal studies the owner and eventually catches his mood.
  • Social adaptation. From the first days you need to explain who is in charge in the house, teach them to obey other family members, get along with different animals.

Think of a Chihuahua as a full-fledged dog, apply traditional training methods to it.

Representatives of this breed are long-livers. When starting such a pet for the next 15 years, consider the peculiarities of its character, take the time to bring it up. In return, you will receive not only a beautiful dog, but also a faithful, devoted friend who adores you simply because you have him.

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