Pelagia Style: From Neighborhood Girl to Style Icon

It was then that Pelagia began to experiment with style and outfits. In her wardrobe one could even see quite bold sets. The singer was not shy of the naked body: at one of the events she appeared in a frank set consisting of a peasant short blouse, bare belly, jeans and an openwork scarf, which the star tied at the waist. Let this outfit be difficult to call successful, the courage of the 20-year-old Pelageya deserved respect.

For a long time, the singer's favorite style was retro. Dresses reminiscent of those worn by Soviet women of fashion were very much a star, but still looked a bit rustic. Perhaps then Pelageya’s wardrobe was still very dependent on the stage image and the chosen role.

The evolution of Pelagia’s outfits is very easy to follow: she was changing literally before our eyes! In 2012, the star appeared in front of fans in a completely new image. Her outfits have become much more feminine, more restrained and at the same time more luxurious.She began her journey into the world of high fashion Pelagia from the minimalism style, the main attributes of which were blouses of men's cut, A-silhouette dress with a turn-down collar, voluminous skirts to the floor. At the same time they were in the career of a performer and much less successful outfits, like a dress in ethnic style, which she put on at one of the events in 2013. But let's not be so strict with the star: there were not too many fashionable failures in her record of service!

Now Pelageya's style can be described with just one succinct word - eclecticism. She is equally cute and voluminous toilets made of tulle a la Uliana Sergeenko, and graceful sheath-dresses with a colorful print, and fluffy midi-skirts in the style of the 50s combined with tight-fitting tops. Over the past decade, Pelagia managed not only to find his own style, but also to achieve complete harmony of external and internal. Looking at the outfits of the star, it seems that it is not so difficult to turn from a neighbor's girl into a modern style icon.

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