Photo of the day: Prince William doing yoga on the grass

On the eve of the opening of the yoga season in the parks, it will be useful to look at a couple of asanas for real gurus, and also take note of several poses practiced by Prince William himself! His royal highness got into the cell when he warmed up before the competition for a charity match in polo. Judging by the pictures, the flexibility of the spouse of Duchess Catherine can only be envied. But what should not be taken as an example, it is ... his equipment. William, it seems, decided to save time and not to change into a form suitable for yoga - on the lawn, he was warming up right in white jeans, shirt and socks!


But Prince Harry, also participating in the polo competition, on yoga-warming-up, alas, did not appear. The younger brother of William was engaged in his favorite occupation - photobombs! This time, he “spoiled” a snapshot of Winnie Harlow, a participant in America's Next Top Model show.

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