Pigment spots on the body

Pigmented spots on the body can appear throughout the life of a person. There are many reasons for their appearance, but most often hyperpigmentation is manifested due to hereditary predisposition, as well as due to excessive tanning. Red spots on the abdomen often appear during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their appearance is associated with hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman. There are no dangers for the woman and her future child. If the manifestation of hyperpigmentation is not associated with pregnancy, then the stains on the abdomen may indicate various diseases.



Causes of age spots



Very often weak immunity, as well as problems with the kidneys and liver lead to the appearance of pigment spots on the body, including on the stomach. It is not uncommon for the failures of the endocrine system to appear brown spots on the abdomen. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for the appearance of hyperpigmentation in various parts of our body,therefore, if you have spots on the abdomen, the causes and treatment can only be determined with a comprehensive examination, from an endocrinologist, therapist, or a dermatologist. In any case, it makes sense to visit at least one specialist to hear his opinion.


Many may not believe in it, but poor diet also often leads to the appearance of pigment on the stomach, back and other parts of the body. Heavy dishes overload the digestive organs, disrupting their work, the liver and intestines suffer. Therefore, to minimize the appearance of spots on the abdomen and other parts of the body should reconsider your diet. Give preference to steam and stew foods with a minimum content of oil, seasonings and sauces. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.


The most common and common cause of the appearance of spots on the stomach today is the abuse of tan. Therefore, if you return from the sea, you find spots on the abdomen - you can easily establish the causes and treatment by visiting a cosmetologist, not a doctor. By the way, not only tan in southern latitudes can cause enhanced pigmentation, in a tanning salon you can also “earn” ugly spots on the stomach.As a rule, it is not possible to completely get rid of age spots, cosmetic treatment, of course, will lighten them and make them imperceptible, but as soon as you start tanning again - age spots will appear again. Therefore, if you once had a spot on the abdomen - you should protect this part of the body using sunscreen.


If the spots on the abdomen have appeared recently, and they are not very pronounced, you can try to independently conduct a course of whitening care. To do this, you should use a body scrub to clean the surface layer of the skin in the place where the stain appeared, then apply a whitening cream or a mask to this place. Such creams are made by cosmetic companies, and whitening ointments can be bought at the pharmacy. Bleaching creams often contain vitamin C and azelaic acid. It is usually enough to carry out 10 such procedures to see the first desired results.


Well-proven by the Russian series of clarifying cosmetics "Your Serene Highness". This cosmetics based on herbal ingredients - peels, masks, serums and creams are designed for a course of bleaching freckles and age spots in 1-2 months.If bleaching agents do not bring effect, and you do not pass, and maybe even new spots on the abdomen appear - the cause and treatment in this case are incorrectly determined and you should immediately consult a doctor in order not to aggravate the situation.

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