Pink sundress with ruffles

We knit a bright, beautiful sarafan with frills crocheted from pink yarn.

Materials and tools:

Yarn (50% cotton, 50% viscose staple, 430m / 100gr) 700g of pink color;

hook number 2.  


Size: 38-40

Pattern Description

Knitting description

We start knitting from the hem, which we knit in a circle. Recruiting a chain of vozd. 88 cm long and close it in a circle. Begin knitting scheme. The hem of a sundress consists of three tiers (see pattern), each 18 cm long. One tier = 20 rows of the pattern. The beginning of each subsequent tier is the 17th row of the previous one. Thus, small ruffles are obtained on the hem. &Nbsp;

After the hem is ready, we tie the upper part of the sundress to it, which also knits in a circle. For the pattern of the upper part we take as a basis the pattern on the diagram and knit as follows: * 5 times repeat the 2nd row, 1 time - the 1st row * and so on from * to *. Through 119 cm from the bottom of the sarafan for the armhole we leave for 6 cm and at the same time for the neck of the transmission and the backrest of 10 cm.

For the bevels of the armhole, we subtract 2 x 1 loops in each row, for the neck bevels 5 x 1 loops in each row.

We finish the work 22 cm from the beginning of the neck.  


We perform shoulder seams, bind armholes and neck 1 next to the station. b / n.

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