Placement of electrical outlets in the apartment

Placement of electrical wiring, outlets in particular, turns out to have its own installation standards, the so-called rules for the design of electrical installations. Therefore, starting such a responsible process, it is necessary to take into account all the details of this case and make some calculations.

For example, each of the living rooms in the apartment consider the features of the installation of outlets. Remember, in everyday life, the most important thing is that there are enough outlets for all electrical appliances, and they are fully functional. When planning their location, consider all the interior elements, specific dimensions of your furniture and equipment. According to European standards, the socket should not be located closer than 10 cm from the doors and no higher than 90 cm from the flooring.

Living room - the place of the most frequent presence of family members, each of whom suddenly may want to charge the phone, turn on the console or air conditioning. For this purpose, when planning the layout of sockets, determine where the TV will be installed.If you hang it with brackets to the wall, it is advisable to place a power outlet behind the equipment or slightly to the side so that you can hide the wires. In the place where the sofa is located, it is better to hold the mount from two sides, one just above 15-30 cm from the floor - for floor lamps, laptops, small equipment, a vacuum cleaner, and the second - at the belt level.

A kitchen is a real storehouse of various household appliances of large and small sizes. Most of them are located on the countertop of the kitchen unit, so they usually use recessed sockets for the countertop.

For small household appliances, install an outlet no higher than 30 cm from the work surface. For large appliances, such as a refrigerator, an oven, a washing machine, you need to calculate the power consumption of each, otherwise a closure may occur due to network overload. Therefore, do not resort to the use of a double outlet, it is better to place an extra somewhere near the dining table.

Embedded technology has the characteristics of the installation of the electric element.Do not place the outlet right behind the appliance, it is installed behind the wall of the nearest cabinet. For hanging equipment, for example, hoods, it is mounted 60 cm above the bottom of the wall cabinet.

In a bedroom or children's room, power outlets are traditionally placed near a bed or bedside tables for easy connection of a night lamp or wall lamp. The desktop for the child is also equipped with a block of 2-3 sockets, for a computer, a lamp, a Wi-Fi router, etc. You plan to place the TV here too, then place the double or triple electric element at a height of 130 cm from the floor in order to hide the wire. Next to the doorway outlet point will not be superfluous in the case of connecting a radiator, fan, vacuum cleaner. If the room belongs to an infant or children of preschool age, then it is better to choose a socket with a special curtain or to purchase plugs in advance, this will ensure proper adherence to safety measures.

An entrance hall is a little-used room in relation to other rooms in an apartment, but it also has the need to connect appliances, such as a doorbell.A total of two outlets here will be more than enough. Strictly follow the general rules - no closer than 10 cm from the door or window opening and no higher than 90 cm from the floor.

The individuality of each apartment obliges its owner to approach the process of equipping the sockets with the living space very responsibly. Give it enough time and effort, develop a concrete plan.

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