Polina Syrkina: “It’s impossible to go against the heart”

This year was truly happy for a young actress: she married, had a daughter, and recently married her husband in an Orthodox church. The “antenna” met with Polina during her walk with her family in a public garden in the Shabolovka area, where the spouses live.

“Ivan and I met about three years ago at the Doctor Clown Charitable Foundation,” says Polina. - I studied hospital clowning, and Vanya was on the board of the fund, he is the financial director. I attended the exam and drew attention to me ... We talked, then met at promotions. I confess that it is impossible not to fall in love with Vanya, he is an incredibly charming man. Attracted a sense of humor, bottomless kindness, intelligence - these three completely disarming qualities from God.

Photo: Roman Kuznetsov

- At first, our relationship developed at a distance: I went to St. Petersburg, began acting in the TV series “Love by the Order” for Channel One.We just corresponded in social networks, sent each other videos ... This went on for about a month. The shooting was hard, but the never-ending dialogue with Ivan brightened them - it was a joy for me. She felt Vanya’s support even from a distance - his warmth, care. I worked in St. Petersburg, Vanya was in Moscow, nevertheless, he could order me a meal at a hotel or a taxi, because he knew that I was tired and it was cold outside. Such inconspicuous applied courtships, of course, were bribing ...

If you ask Ivan, then he will surely tell a terrible story, as I did it at first. But it seems to me that this did not happen very long. I had a difficult period in my life: a lot of work, studying in a school of hospital clownery. And I told Vanya that now is not the time for a serious relationship, but in the end we were together - it is impossible to go against your heart and crush real feelings.

For us, a real marriage is a wedding

Photo: Roman Kuznetsov

- Last summer we went to France for a long time (Ivan’s parents live there, and he was born in this country), traveled a lot. It’s terrific to drive with Vanya, you never know what kind of adventure awaits you tomorrow.One day they got into the car, and Vanya said: "I will not tell you where we will go today." As a result, we found ourselves in Barcelona, ​​walked along the embankment at night, sat down to rest on the pier, Ivan pulled out a ring and presented it to me. It was unexpected, I did not expect such a turn of events at all, for I was already the happiest woman in the world without me and Vanya. Apparently, the degree of emotion (although we didn’t seem to make any noise) was so strong that the Spanish fishermen sitting next to us began to congratulate us and sing some songs. It was sincere, honest, on the one hand - chamber, and on the other - to the whole world.

- When Ivan had just made me an offer to be his wife, first of all it meant that we were getting married. My family is a believer, Vanya has an even greater degree, so it was understood that the official marriage is by itself, but for us the real marriage is the wedding.

At the beginning of the winter of this year, we signed the Minsk registry office, my parents live in this city, my whole big family is there. They wanted to do everything quietly, but in the end it turned out to be a holiday - there is no other way with Ivan. All French relatives arrived, had a great time.And although I was on the ninth month of pregnancy, it didn’t stop dancing and rejoicing. And on August 5 in France we were married in an Orthodox church in Biarritz. It was a long-awaited event. And we had a real wedding here. We specifically did not hold a wedding in Paris. All his numerous relatives, of course, would have been present, but the next day they would have been busy with their own affairs. And then everyone had to take a vacation, come to the ocean, so that our wedding stretched out for several days. We were crowned by Vanin's elder brother, Archimandrite Savva Tutunov, who flew in specially from Moscow. He baptized our girl in April in the metropolitan church of Elijah the Prophet.

Vanya attended childbirth and kept well done

Photo: Roman Kuznetsov

- Nelly's daughter was born on March 8 - it became a real gift. With her appearance, our life was filled with some kind of ocean of happiness. But, to be honest, motherhood turned out to be much easier than I was described. By the way, Vanya was present at the birth and was doing well.

With the birth of Nellie, I am afraid of lofty words, we really live with Vanya in boundless love. She brought us even closer.Wonderful, clever, not capricious, calm, understanding, you can always agree with her. Sometimes he looks at us with great kindness and wisdom. Sometimes they ask me: “Well, how are you? Hang on? ”And I don’t even know what to answer, because it seems that living with Nell has become easier. My daughter and I flew to Minsk for less than half a year and then traveled through France.

Nelly's daughter was born on March 8 - it became a real gift. With her appearance, our life was filled with some kind of ocean of happiness.

“I miss you, I miss my very much working with children in the Dr. Clown Foundation.” When I was preparing myself for the first visit to the hospital, I thought with horror that I would come and see the triumph of death. And I saw the triumph of life, because children fill any space with life, they spit on a disease, play, rejoice, make friends ... When you find yourself there, the child runs towards: “Look what I drew!” He just lives and he No time to think about your illness. I think that our parents' status with Ivan will greatly help in working with children. My colleague recently also became a father, and I asked him: “Has it become harder or easier for you in the hospital?” He answered: “It’s just that everything has changed,now for each child I’m already a little dad, and before that I was a friend, partner ... ”I’m sure that motherhood will bring some new colors in communication with children.

With the husband we fight for cleaning and cooking

Photo: Roman Kuznetsov

- The main support of our family is faith, the presence of God in relationships, life. It helps a lot. Of course, Vanya and I love and respect each other. But we both know that there may be some circumstances that are stronger than us, it will be hard for us, and then faith will definitely help.

With Ivan comfortable. At home there is no protocol in the distribution of duties - who is currently free, he does what we need. I am surprised when the spouses begin to measure their household chores - who did more. We have everything differently, we are fighting for cleaning or cooking. We try to make life as easy as possible for each other. There is no dispute.

I'm still on maternity leave. I want to work, but with the advent of my daughter, my criteria for selecting projects have changed greatly. Not any role and not any script will force me to leave Nelly and go to the shooting. So for now I refuse. It happens like this: I read the script, then I look at my child and I understand that this scenario does not stand up to any competition with my daughter. I confess, I dream of working in the theater.

Vanya has a big family, I have one too, therefore we plan to have many children.

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