Preparing for the first date

The most interesting and surprising is that it is either unrealistic to foresee the development of a date, or it is very and very difficult, and it is most likely impossible to do everything “on a piece of paper” with rare exceptions. But still to get acquainted with the individual tips on conducting and preparing for the first date does not harm - what if something is needed?

"The meeting place can not be canceled ..."

You are puzzled: "Where to go on a date?" Choose better banal and proven experience options such as an evening walk in the lap of nature, a standard dinner in some small and cozy cafe, a session in a cinema or a light picnic in a local park. Do not forget, you are still so little known to organize any extreme and fascinating dates. Home dinner is also not very suitable for the same reason ...

Here again, bad luck: "And what time to appoint for a meeting?" The evening atmosphere is filled with romanticism, it has much more intimacy.But this does not mean that appointments in the morning can not be appointed!

Wishes for the beautiful half

As a rule, the place where the whole date is going to be has to offer the guy. The girl needs to take note of just a couple of points. Do not arrange for a first date in a very strange place (at home for a guy, for example, or in a suspicious poorly populated area) - because you don’t know what this man really is, you don’t know what’s going on in your new boyfriend’s head ... If you have a choice (and the choice must always be under any conditions!), Give preference to the easiest option - and the atmosphere of romance and extreme will wait until future dates.

Wishes for the stronger sex

Being in thought about choosing a place for a first date, think about whether you can pay for it? From time immemorial it was accepted that a young man always pays for his beloved in a restaurant. But on the other hand, one should not surprise one’s wife with big money either - one should not indulge her after a couple of days of her acquaintance. For a good first impression, just good little surprises will suffice.

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