Pride and success in life are incompatible

Regardless of whether you have achieved success or only at the very beginning of the journey, you just need to know what to do, how to behave when you reach your goal. It would seem that the achievement of the goal, success in life is a great joy, however, it is also a great test, a test of pride. And how you pass this exam depends on how your life will develop in the future, whether you can continue to achieve success and conquer new heights. After all, failure can be, at least, a stop at the reached turn, but it can also lead to a complete abandonment of your dreams.


The test of pride is harder to undergo, the lower the person’s self-esteem at the very beginning of the journey. For those who have made themselves practically from “no one”, who started from absolute zero and have reached certain heights, success can turn my head so much that it will be impossible to keep myself at this altitude from dizziness. This pride of success will be so noticeable in all his actions and decisions, in turning his head, in the style of communicating with other people and even in walking, that it will be almost impossible not to notice.


And the Universe is a very sensitive environment, therefore, as soon as you begin to exalt yourself over other people, the Universe, adhering to the basic law of equilibrium, will bring you down so as not to violate this law. Probably no one doubts which side will win,


Arrogance and pride can lead to the fact that you will form in your mind an over-exaggerated opinion about yourself; You will lose your ability and desire to continue to learn; You will acquire a manner of neglecting communication with people; You will lose the ability to focus.


You have no rights to pride in yourself, because pride and success are incompatible. To achieve success, you did only 5%, everything else did the universe.


Being proud of you is unprofitable for several reasons:


1. In spite of the fact that you were chosen by the Universe for the realization of certain tasks, your incorrect behavior can force it to reconsider its choice.


2. By your dismissive behavior, you break good relations with the people who supported you and helped you, that is, you consciously weaken your rear.


3 You force the universal law of equilibrium to work against you


Let's take a closer look at each of the points.


If you look at you from the point of view of the whole Universe, then you are just a grain of sand in a huge desert. No matter how sad it is, but you were involved in your success only by the fact that you wanted to achieve it and were not too lazy to fulfill the few steps required from you. The main work was done for you by the Universe. It was she who sought the opportunity for you to realize your dream. It was the universe that made you see this opportunity. It was the Universe that guided and protected you on your way to success. It is thanks to the efforts of the universe that the events have been folded in such a way that the path for you is simple and easy.


Try to be quite modest and restrained, do not exalt yourself above other people, do not boast. Remember that each person has his own abilities, but the souls of people are so different and everyone's aspirations are personal. The essence of your success should be to help other people realize their dreams. When you praise yourself, thereby you lower the self-esteem of another person, and this is not pleasant to anyone.Since no one likes his dignity to be diminished, it is unlikely that after such behavior you will have many friends and acquaintances.


If a person highly appreciates his own achievements or even overestimates them, he is unlikely to want to read other people's books in order to learn anything in them. For him, this may seem beneath his dignity to learn something from someone, since he considers himself to be smart enough, if not the smartest, and educated enough, if not the most educated. It is this false confidence in their own knowledge that makes people stop learning, which closes their path to success forever. Never stop learning, because by doing so you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to go on to new heights.


Pride and lofty conceit deprive the person of concentration, and you will no longer be able to set new goals, and their absence is nothing but the beginning of the road in the opposite direction, that is, away from success. In order to achieve and maintain success, it is necessary to work daily on self-improvement, to learn something new every day and to make at least a small step towards success.


Humility is the only effective weapon against arrogance and pride. Only humility, being a conscious tool of the mind, is able to keep the ego from excessive growth, which will not allow you not only to move further, but even to keep at that height that you could reach. It is very important to be able to control your ego and your pride. When you feel that they are pulled out from under your control, by an effort of will and, using the instrument of the mind - humility, return them to the proper state. If you cannot cope with them yourself, the Universe will do it for you, but you will hardly like it.


Be grateful, no matter who you consider your main assistant. This may be the gratitude of the Universe, to your guardian angel, Lord God, fate. Since it is gratitude that is nothing but the highest humility, thank you most sincerely.


Maybe this knowledge is not yet necessary for you, because you are only at the very beginning of your path to success, someday you will reach it and then this article will help you withstand the most difficult test, allow you to stay on top without losing the ability move forward.

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