Tea House in Primitive Style

Simplicity and brevity - the characteristic features of the Primitive style, which recently quite often occurs in modern home decor. To create such an interesting element of kitchen decor as the Tea House, we need the following:
  • wooden blank;
  • black and white printout with the pattern we have chosen;
  • artistic acrylic primer;
  • acrylic paints for creativity (brown, white, sky blue, burnt umber);
  • PVA stationery glue ;
  • acrylic lacquer for finishing the product;
  • brushes, foam sponges, sandpaper.
Tea house in STI e
Before working with our house it is necessary to treat the white acrylic primer. Our billet was already sold primed, so we left it only carefully sanded with sandpaper to remove excess soil and level the surface. When decorating the product, we will use an interesting technique - surface aging with a “dry brush”.To do this, create a lower contrast layer: our future tea house we paint with brown paint. /images/10/1364-chaynyy-domik-v-stile.jpg "alt =" Tea house in the style of "title =" Tea house in the style of ">
After drying, once again we pass through the small sandpaper. Apply a blue paint, slightly diluted with water. Important point: paint with a dry brush, carefully stretching, rubbing it on the surface.  Tea house in style The paint dries quickly, so we additionally rub it with a stiff sponge, smoothing out the strokes. Once again go through the fine sandpaper, making a small scuff. We will “implant” the printed “black and white drawings” into the surface “face in varnish”. We will cover the place where our drawing will be with acrylic varnish. The front side of the printout is also varnished and a printout is attached.  Tea house in style We strongly push the picture to the workpiece, smooth, we expel all air bubbles, paste. For reliability, you can roll the rubber roller.After drying, the picture from the printout in mirror reflection "will be transferred" to the lacquer. For the development of the pattern, it is necessary to soak the paper with water: we moisten the kitchen sponge with warm water and soak the picture with it. After breaking the paper - gently roll the top white layer until a black and white pattern appears. Roll paper from the center in a very gentle way, so as not to damage the drawing.
Tea house in style
Letting dry. Perform this manipulation several times: drench-roll-dry until all leftover paper rolls (no whitish traces remain). We dry. For the additional "aging" effect, we use the umbered burnt. In order to correct possible mistakes and ugly umber spots, before applying we cover the house with one protective layer of opaque acrylic varnish. On all sides of the house very carefully walk through the sponge with the umbra. After drying umber, we coat with several layers (3-4) matt varnish with intermediate drying. The final result of the work is shown in the photo.
 Tea house in style

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