Prince Harry is getting married! And Elizabeth II again had a reason to drink Corvalol

Western tabloids predict a crisis in Britain, if the celebration still takes place.

Another reason to be sad about unfulfilled childhood dreams - the most popular single prince announced an engagement. About the important event, 33-year-old Harry told on Twitter. The news is joyful, but not for everyone. In the chosen English prince chose American actress Megan Markle. The girl is three years older than Harry and was already married. The choice of grandson did not support Elivazeta II. According to rumors, the engagement was supposed to happen in the summer, but the queen threatened that Harry would have to abdicate the throne (he is now fifth in line to the royal place). And after the announcement of the wedding, the British media also appeared in doubt, reeling off the history of the kingdom in the last century.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle
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In 1936, the monarch Edward VIII announced an engagement with the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson.Virtually the entire parliament came out, only Winston Churchill supported the king. There was a crisis in the country, and Edward had to abdicate for the sake of marriage with his beloved woman.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson
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Prince Harry has repeatedly said that he was ready to give up the royal title in order to be realized in life. But while nobody loses a couple in love with the palace - Megan has already transported her dogs to London and is choosing a wedding dress. The ring will decorate a huge diamond from the necklace of Princess Diana. The celebration is scheduled for spring, but the date the future newlyweds have not yet chosen.

Expert opinion

Tatyana Andreeva, Senior Researcher, Department of European Political Studies, IMEMO:

There will be no crisis, because at the palace everyone understands that Harry will not be king. In front of him are Charles, William and his children, George and Charlotte. So Harry has only a formal relationship to the throne. Maybe because he is allowed more than others.

Megan is interesting not only because she is from America and has already been married. African blood flows in it, so many thought that the prince would not marry her.But once the engagement was announced, it means that Elizabeth II may not be delighted with the choice of his beloved grandson, but he definitely does not object.

This is a big step for Britain, where the monarchy is not as enthusiastic as we used to think. And the princes show that they are modernizing the crown. William married a girl from the middle class, Harry chose not quite "white" girl. This is a liberal statement for society, which must respond in the same way.

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