Principles of nutrition to improve hair condition

Advertising cosmetics in vain offer to choose products that will give your hair shine, healthy look and natural beauty. Care, of course, is very important, but it provides only a superficial effect. In fact, the appearance of curls depends primarily on the internal state of the body. And full-fledged nutrition takes a leading role here. How it should be, let's understand.

Eat, enjoy, be beautiful

Before you reconsider and radically change your diet, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problems that have appeared. So, the dull strands that lost their shine and color, indicate that the body lacks zinc. Began to notice a large amount of hair on the brush after each combing? Most likely, this is due to iron deficiency. And the appearance of gray hair can be provoked by a lack of copper.

Nutrition, aimed at improving the state of curls, should be complete, and be sure to include proteins,which are the main building blocks of hair, unsaturated fats that help the formation of scalp cells, as well as carbohydrates, which remove toxins from the body, thereby improving the appearance of hair.

Now let's find out what products will help to saturate the body with useful substances:

Dairy.For women who are horrified by the amount of hair falling out, trichologists advise that it is a rule to drink at least 1 glass of milk per day. It contains ¼ ​​of daily calcium, as well as sulfur and potassium.

Those who do not like milk can safely replace it with fermented milk products - yoghurt, kefir, fermented milk. Probiotics included in their composition will not only strengthen the body's defenses, but also help in the absorption of B vitamins, which are necessary to improve the condition of the hair.

Banana.In order for the hair follicles to function properly, they need a constant supply of oxygen, which is provided by the red blood cells. And for their active production requires biotin, which is part of bananas.

Also, these fruits contain silicon, which helps strengthen the curls and tyrosine - the amino acid responsible for the pigment.

The nuts. Another useful product.Brazil nut is a natural source of selenium, which is important for the normal condition of the scalp. And walnut - omega-3 fatty acids, which improve the structure of the hair, and make the strands more elastic.

Soy products.More than 95% of our hair consists of keratin, which is a protein substance. The best plant source of protein is soy. Of course, protein can be “scooped” from meat, but it is worth remembering that in addition to nutrients, there is also cholesterol and even hormones. In addition, the plant product to absorb the body will be much easier.

Seeds.This is a real storehouse of zinc. And in combination with vitamin B6, they create a great pair that helps to return the curls of former beauty. Of course, snapping seeds everywhere is not too ethical, so we recommend finding already cleaned seeds and adding them to various dishes. By the way, seafood, eggs, oatmeal and black bread are also rich in zinc.

Green vegetables. They contain vitamins A and C, necessary to produce the right amount of sebum. Especially valuable in this case will be broccoli and spinach.

It is also worth remembering that the deterioration of your curls can be triggered by diets, which imply the abandonment of important trace elements for them.

But going to the right diet, you should not wait for a lightning-fast result. To get a visible effect, the body will need several months to restore the right balance.

Gorgeous hair - one of the main ornaments for women. And so that they always shine with health, it is necessary to provide them with the right comprehensive care. Do not regret time for yourself and your health, and then everyone around you will notice your beauty.

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