Pros and cons of Brazilian hair straightening

Many representatives of the fair sex dream of shiny, well-groomed, smooth and beautiful hair, but not everyone has endowed such curls with it. Approaching the dream will allow the procedure of Brazilian hair straightening.

Method Description

Brazilian straightening appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among modern girls and women. Its main tasks are straightening and smoothing curling and feathering curls, leveling the relief of rods with the help of liquid keratin, penetrating into the structure.

The name of the procedure was obtained due to the peculiarities of hair type inherent in South America, including Brazil. Locks brazilianes naughty, strongly pusatsya, curly and poorly lend themselves to stacking. Straightening solves these problems: liquid keratin, when heated by an iron to high temperatures, melts and penetrates into the hair shafts, gluing together scales and restoring the matrix.The complex is literally embedded in the rods and forms a weightless protective film on the outside, preventing the consequences of further negative effects.

In what cases recommended?

Brazilian straightening is recommended in such cases:

The result is visible immediately after the procedure: the hair becomes straight, docile and perfectly smooth, gaining a beautiful natural shine and silkiness. Also, there is an additional volume, hair appears more decorated.

How is the procedure?

How do brazilian hair straighteners? In beauty salons and hairdressers this procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Shampooing specialized professional shampoo deep cleaning. This tool allows you to completely remove from the surface of the hair remnants of sebum and contamination, as well as uncover flakes of rods, providing deep penetration of keratin and other components into the structure.
  2. Hair is dried slightly to keep it moist.
  3. The main product with keratin content is applied.
  4. Then the curls are again dried with a hair dryer, which is necessary to remove excess moisture and close the flakes.
  5. To seal the flakes and create a protective film on the surface of each hair, the curls are straightened with an iron heated to a temperature of 200-230 degrees. A pile is divided into strands, each processed several times to achieve maximum sealing effect.
  6. Then the hair is washed with warm water without the use of shampoo, dried.
  7. A nourishing mask with keratin and other useful additives is applied.
  8. The product is washed off, the curling whey is applied to curls, then the final drying and styling are carried out.

The average duration of one procedure is about 2-2.5 hours, depending on the density and length of the hair.

Features of hair care after the procedure

To maintain the effect, special hair care is required after the Brazilian straightening. It assumes the observance of such rules:

  1. About three days after the session, you should not expose curls to wetness and moisture. The duration of the period depends on the drugs used, the exact figures will call the master.
  2. During the week it is undesirable to use hairpins and gum, which can leave curls on the curls.
  3. Use mild, sulphate-free shampoos for washing, since aggressive chemical components can destroy the protective film and wash out keratin.
  4. Not recommended to visit saunas and baths, tanning in the solarium. Ultraviolet and high temperatures can literally evaporate keratin from the hair structure.
  5. Dyeing is allowed 1–1.5 weeks after the procedure, but the paint must be ammonia-free.
  6. Use specialized hair care products for keratin straightening hair.

Good to know! If you follow the above rules, the effect lasts for 2-3 months, but you can fix it every 6-8 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of Brazilian straightening:

  • In modern specialized tools do not contain hazardous substances to health. Although formaldehyde is found in the composition, it releases chemical compounds when heated, but its concentrations are permissible and harmless to humans.
  • Instant result after the procedure.
  • A fairly long-term effect, provided that proper care is provided.
  • The solution of several problems, giving the curls a well-groomed, attractive and healthy look.
  • Additional protection against negative environmental factors by creating a film on the surface.
  • Hair retains its shape, become obedient. You can not waste time and effort on daily styling.
  • The procedure is suitable for many.
  • The effect of healing.

The procedure has some drawbacks:

  • High cost, reaching 3-5 thousand rubles.
  • Brazilian straightening is not suitable for owners of very thin and sparse hair, oily type. Such curls can shine, grow heavy, lose basal volume.
  • Need special care.
  • The effect lasts up to 2-3 months, then the procedure must be repeated.

Can you do the straightening yourself?

If desired, and if you have the right tools, straightening can be done at home, but to achieve the desired effect, you will need help, since it is problematic to fully process all the curls. The technology will be the same as in the salons. Will need and specialized tools. You can choose one of the brands: “Cocochoco”, “Inoar”, “Cadeveu”, “Brasil Cocau”, “Kerarganic”, “Honma Tokio”, “Kativa”, “Belita-Vitex”.

Try Brazilian straightening on your curls and evaluate the effect of the procedure!

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