Pros and cons of training fartlek

Translated from Swedish, fartlek means "speed play", and this term appeared due to the desire of one local trainer to diversify the process of preparing cross-country runners on cross-country terrain. At present, the fartleck denotes the alternation of calm and fast running intervals.

What is special about running?

The alternation of accelerations and slow running means that in fact a person does not stop during the training, but constantly continues to move. You do not need to forget that this is an easy run, at a speed of no more than 5 km / h. At first, you should accelerate very carefully, and only after the warm-up. Depending on how long the training and its intervals are long, the fartleck is used for various purposes.

For example, classes with short accelerations (20-30 seconds each) alternate with jogging, which lasts 1-2 minutes. This type is used to develop speed skills in cyclical sports.

If the acceleration lasts from 1 to 3 minutes, and a trot is about a minute, this type develops speed or special endurance, and also increases the aerobic threshold. Training is used in order to increase the overall level of endurance - for this, the acceleration intervals can change each time (from 1 to 9 minutes in a minute, the shorts).

The magnitude of repetitions in a given sport and its results directly depend on the length of the entire distance and are determined both by the state of preparation and the training cycle. It should be remembered that the principle of such a sport is to run, but not to move to a step in "slow" intervals.

Advantages and disadvantages of training

Like any kind of sporting activity, a fartlek has undeniable advantages and some disadvantages. If we talk about the pros, it is:

  • psychologically comfortable kind of running;
  • increasing psychological and physical sustainability;
  • fast burning of fat accumulations.

The main advantage of running - in increasing stamina athlete. Fartlek can also be used for weight loss, since interval running helps burn fat faster than normal.

Speaking of cons, it can be notedthat this sport is not suitable for beginners in running, as well as for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and other ailments.

Running leads to a rapid resource depletion and requires maximum effort during its implementation. Too intensive application of this method can result in traumatization - first of all joints can suffer. It is because of the severe depletion of resources that this type is not practiced on the eve of the competition.

Features of the program

The program is conditionally divided into 3 stages: basic, transitional and final (advanced). The duration of each stage is up to several weeks. The first stage promotes the development of a strong connective tissue, and also enhances metabolic processes involving oxygen, reducing the risk of tissue damage. The second phase is designed to increase endurance, and the third - to hone skills:

  1. The basic stage is best to start in the fall, planning classes for each week. Training does not have significant difficulties - during the run you can take 1 or 2 jerks - you need to accelerate every 5-7 minutes for 1 minute.
  2. The transitional phase can begin after 10-15 weeks. At this time, the skill increases and the load increases: the intervals become shorter and the speed becomes higher.
  3. The third stage is an opportunity to improve results and physical endurance, controlling the strength of jerks and creating whole anaerobic sessions.

Fartlek is a great way to increase your physical fitness, starting from a basic level and ending in an almost marathon. With the right approach and proper execution, he can lead an athlete to new challenges.

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