Queen against: parents Megan Markle can not call for the wedding

The parents of the “Major” star are divorced, and the actress is brought up against the stepbrother of the actress, which greatly disturbs the queen.

If someone had doubts about the seriousness of the intentions of Prince Harry, then already last week the heir to the throne himself dispelled them. Prince Harry and his bride Megan Markle gave the first joint interview to the Air Force channel, in which the prince not only showed the engagement ring, but also announced that the celebration would take place in May 2018. Harry and Markle will be husband and wife in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle.

Only now Megan’s father will not lead her to the altar ... Despite the queen’s loyalty to this marriage, the reputation of her parents and stepbrother Markl is embarrassing her.

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Megan's parents divorced when she was still very young. At the same time, his father, Thomas Markle, who works as an operator on a popular TV show, continued to help his daughter. So Megan was able to get an education in a private school ...

The mother of the girl Doria Redlan did not have a higher education and for a long time worked in the public organization Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in California. A modest salary was not enough even to pay bills, and therefore in 2002 she was forced to declare herself bankrupt when her debt to the state amounted to more than 50 thousand dollars.

But more interesting is the fate of the free brother of the “Force Majors” star - Thomas-Markle Jr. Thomas appeared at his father Megan - in his first marriage. A man works as a window installation wizard. And this year I almost got behind bars. The man was accused of illegal possession and use of weapons, as well as the fact that he threatened his girlfriend with a pistol while intoxicated. As a result, Tom admitted that firearms were indeed hidden in his house, but he, in his own words, did not do anything illegal with respect to his beloved.

So it may have been. But the sediment remained in any case, although Megan had said several times that she had not communicated with her brother for several years now.

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