Quick and tasty desserts with tangerines

Solar mandarin oranges are not only a juicy and tasty delicacy, but also an inexhaustible source of many useful substances that help strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

That is why these healthy fruits should be included as often as possible in the diet. And so that it is not dull, a great many simple recipes with the use of mandarins are invented: from baking and jelly to sauces and meat dishes. But sweet desserts enjoy the greatest love.

Tangerine and chocolate "candy"

The recipe for this dessert includes all three ingredients available: chocolate, fruit, and roasted peanuts.

First you need to detail the peeled nuts, which then will fall "candy." If you prefer a peanut shell with large particles, mash the nuts with a knife. If you prefer a more homogeneous crumb, you should use a blender.

Then you need to disassemble the fruit into individual slices, removing excess fiber.Melt chocolate by means of a water bath or a microwave. Next to the process of forming candy can attract children. They unusually like to dip fruit slices in melted chocolate mass, sprinkling them with nut crumb.

The resulting dessert at least a quarter of an hour should be sent to a cold place.

Two in One Jam Recipe

This delicacy owes its name to a non-waste method of production, when not only fruits but also peel are used. The result is getting two whole desserts: delicious jam and fragrant crusts, which are good to add to baking or to eat independently.

The following set of products will be used:

  • one and a half kilograms of thin-skinned mandarins;
  • seven hundred grams of granulated sugar;
  • six sticks of cloves;
  • a package of natural gelling mixture, for example: Pectin, Quittin, Zhelfix and others;
  • two hundred milliliters of water.

The first thing you need to thoroughly wash tangerines and disassemble them into pieces. Five pieces should be put aside entirely and, without removing skins, cut into quarters. Then the whole mixture must be crushed by means of a meat grinder or blender and poured into a thick-walled saucepan.Pour a pound of sugar, mix well and send to the stove to cook, lowering the heat to the minimum.

Now is the time to proceed to the zest, which will have to be cut into small pieces, pouring boiling water over them. After seven minutes, the liquid can be drained and the softened crusts placed in a heat-resistant dish. Add two hundred grams of sugar, pour in water, put on a gas stove or in a microwave and wait for boiling. With a power of 600 watts it will take no more than eight minutes. Capacity with boiled zest to get, leaving the crust to infuse in the syrup. In the meantime, continue to engage in jam.

After boiling remove the resulting film and pour a package of gelling mixture, following the manufacturer's recommendations. After boiling the jam for about ten minutes, pour the clove sticks and quickly pour the mass into sterilized jars. Send the finished product to the cold for forty-eight hours, during which the jam will acquire a thick consistency.

Peel in syrup is also almost ready. It remains to re-bring it to a boiling state and then distribute it hot in banks. Cover them with a blanket and forget about them until the morning.But on the next day, tasty crusts are quite suitable for use, both as an independent sweet and a component for baking.

With cheese

It will take no more than ten minutes to cook this delicacy with tangerines and mascarpone, but the pleasure from it will be remembered for a long time.

So, melt two tablespoons of butter in a skillet and add peeled slices of five mandarins. When the bottom is reddened, turn the fruit over, adding sixty grams of granulated sugar. The advantage of this dessert is that even acidic fruits are suitable for it, you just have to slightly increase the rate of sugar. Add a savory flavor to the treat with a pair of rosemary twigs and a handful of chopped walnuts. Wait for the caramelization of the sugar.

Put the mass in wine glasses or ice-cream bowls, closing it with a tablespoon of mascarpone. Pour out the syrup remaining in the frying pan.

In syrup in japanese

In Japan, this dish is referred to as kinkan-but canroni. To cook it does not require many components, but only:

  • fifteen strong medium-sized fruits;
  • one hundred and sixty grams of sugar;
  • a teaspoon sake (you can use vodka).

Free the tangerines from the peel and get the bones, without violating the integrity of the fetus. To do this, it is enough to slightly cut vertically each lobule, carefully removing the bones.

Fruits put in a saucepan and pour water "on top". Pour in sake, put the dishes on the stove and make a big fire to quickly wait for boiling. Then, reducing the heat to the minimum, boil down the fruit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Take out the tangerines by putting it to dry on a plate.

The liquid remaining after cooking, to increase the volume of another third cup of water and pour sugar. Stirring regularly, wait for the syrup to boil and boil it for a couple of minutes. Dip the dried fruits and steep them for another ten minutes on low heat. Then fold the fruit into a colander, and decorate the serving plate with drops of syrup.

Mandarin mood

To taste this delicacy, you need to take:

  • five mandarins;
  • half a glass of water;
  • forty grams of gelatin;
  • one and a half tablespoons of sugar.

The washed fruits are divided into halves, squeezing out the juice from them. Strain it, sprinkle sugar and mix thoroughly. Dilute gelatin to 100 milliliters of water, and mix the mixture with the juice.

The remaining peel from the inside is cleaned from excess fibers. Pour gelatin juice into the resulting cups and send to cool for several hours. After freezing, cut the jelly into two more slices and serve it to the table.

These simple recipes for mandarin desserts do not require much effort, time or skill, and will suit not only the little sweet teeth, but also their parents.

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