Raffaello Cheese Curls

In the bustle of the holiday, many hostesses often puzzled over what they will prepare for the table and what dishes will surprise the guests this time. As a rule, before serving traditional hot dishes, relatives and friends, gathered together on the occasion of a special occasion, are served cold snacks, which include various cuts and salads. The most popular of them are all the beloved "fur coat", "olivier", "Greek". We, we suggest today that you prepare a well-known salad of processed cheese in a new way and call it "Raffaello."
 Raffaello from cheeses
First let's prepare such ingredients as : four processed cheese (100 grams each), a handful of roasted hazelnuts, 300 grams of mayonnaise, salt to taste, three chicken eggs, a pack of coconut chips.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/_nw/9/856-2.jpg" alt="Raffaello from cheeses" title="Raffaello of Cucumbers">
Now can go to the process of making our "Raffaello".So, boil eggs and grate them.
 Rafaello from curds
 Rafaello from curds
Melted curds will also be grated and joined with shredded eggs . For spicy taste, you can also include chopped garlic cloves in a salad. Add mayonnaise to them and move everything well, salt to taste. Next, we will build small balls from the resulting cheese mass. Put one nut in the middle of each received Rafaelok.
 Raffaello from curds
 Raffaello from curds
It remains to roll our lumps in coconut flakes and beautifully put on a festive dish. Now our snowballs have become very similar to the popular Rafaello candies.
 Raffaello from curds
 Raffaello from curds
We guarantee that they will be liked to all your guests. Cheerful and satisfying holidays to you!

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