Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

On our bookshelf collected the best of stellar preferences. We inspire, read and reread!

The choice of Ivan Urgant: "Reserve"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

The TV host admits that his youthful affection for the work of the emigrant writer Sergei Dovlatov turned into a real, "lifelong" reader's love. He is impressed by Dovlatov's world outlook, his attitude to life, his humor and the nostalgic atmosphere of Leningrad in the 1960s and 1970s, which reigns in many works of the famous prose writer. The story "Reserve" (1983) is autobiographical and, not without irony, tells about the Leningrad intellectual Boris Alikhanov who arranges for the summer a guide to the Pushkin Museum in Mikhailovskoye.

Weak people overcome life, courageous ones master

Sophia Vergara's Choice: “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

A sultry Colombian confesses that reading is her passion. And the favorite book calls the novel of his compatriot Gabriel Garcia Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude" (1967).And the truth is, no matter how much you re-read the chronicles of the fictional town of Macondo and the tragic history of the Buendia family connected with it, you will always discover something new.

... those human families who are doomed to a hundred years of loneliness are not destined to appear on earth twice

The choice of Ksenia Sobchak: "Goldfinch"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

The TV host shared her impressions of the novel by Donna Tartt, released in 2013, in her instragation (spelling and punctuation Xenia save, publish a comment in abbreviation): "... About Goldfinch: I did not like the translation, the original language sounds" tastier " I do not know, but this book itself is about a very black and white world, which actually does not exist. Tartt very much wants to show that good and evil are relative concepts, and sometimes good grows out of evil, and vice versa, but the characters are "stilted", painted very "greasy strokes" characters. At the same time, a detailed analysis of the self-destruction of an individual was done masterfully. In general, I didn’t regret reading it, but it’s not in my apartment that I’m going to get my favorite books or masterpieces on the shelf ... ”

Life tends to ruin all plans

The choice of Jessica Alba: "The Book of Longevity"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

The star of the “City of Sins” is crazy about the books of his no less than stellar colleagues in the acting workshop. Especially Jessica Alba praises the second brainchild of Cameron Diaz, written in collaboration with Sandra Bark - "The Book of Longevity" (2016). According to Diaz, once again, her pen was taken up by a desire to help women all over the world to love themselves, learn how to properly treat their own body and take their age.

Time can be counted by the clock and calendars, measured in extra centimeters at the waist and wrinkles, stopped at the pictures and photographs. And if you're lucky, it will result in a life full of discoveries, smiles and love.

The choice of Keira Knightley: "The moon and a penny"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

Knightley is a big fan of Somerset Maugham's work. His books, including the novel "The Moon and the Penny" (1919), she rereads more than once. Do you know the story of Charles Strickland, a stockbroker with a boring measured life who, at the age of 40, suddenly quits his job, his wife and children, to become an artist?

The word "beautiful" means a dress, a dog, a sermon, and when they come face to face with the Beautiful, they do not know how to recognize it

Selection of Jennifer Lawrence: "The Catcher in the Rye"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

"The Catcher in the Rye" (1951) is the only novel by Jerome D. Salinger. This is a classic not only American, but also world literature, and the protagonist of the work, 16-year-old Holden Caulfield, with his rebelliousness and heightened sense of justice - an icon for every generation of youth. Jennifer Lawrence admits that she loves this book for its lively characters, genuine sincerity and sarcastic language.

People always think they see you through.

The choice of Natalie Portman: "Cloud Atlas"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

The Oscar-winning actress once said in an interview that she was so fond of David Mitchell's novel The Cloud Atlas (2004) that she gave this book to friends, colleagues, acquaintances for three years. According to her impressions, the work with six different story lines and genre forms inside captivates, taking all your attention, and again and again makes you think about the imperfect nature of man.

The ego of the individual disfigures his soul; selfishness of the human race leads him to destruction

Selection of Kate Winslet: "Teresa Rucken"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

Kate Winslet says that she discovered Teresa Rucken (1867), a novel by Emile Zola, when she was still a teenager.A boyfriend advised her of a book with the words: "This is the most extraordinary love story ever written." Zola reveals to readers not romance, but the physiology of feelings, and it is not surprising that a passion based on animal instinct, without spiritual affection, is disastrous for lovers and those who surround them.

When there is no hope in the future, the present becomes bitterly disgusting.

Emma Watson's Choice: The Little Prince

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

The philosophical tale-parable “The Little Prince” (1943) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is very much liked by the star of the Potterians. According to Emma, ​​re-reading the story of the mysterious boy with golden hair from the asteroid B-612, it's easy to move to another place and another time, to plunge into pleasant memories just as if you were listening to your favorite song.

Vigilantly only one heart. You can't see the most important thing with your eyes

The choice of Daniel Radcliffe: "The Master and Margarita"

Reading with a star: 10 favorite books of celebrities

Foreign stars also ignore the Russian classics. For example, the performer of the role of Harry Potter was greatly impressed by the “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. (The novel was written in 1928–1940, first published in 1966–1967.) “This is my favorite novel,- says Radcliffe, - because he is the greatest embodiment of mystic-fantastic, satirical, comic and love-romantic beginnings ”.

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