Recommendations for washing hats and scarves

Hats and scarves in the process of socks can be very dirty. And to return them to the freshness and purity, the products need to be washed. But the washing procedure has some features and nuances.

How to wash?

How to wash a hat or scarf? Any knitted products are recommended to be subjected to extremely gentle hand-washing, as in the washing machine they can be damaged and lose shape, as a result you simply can not wear them in the future.

Consider the main stages of washing scarves and caps manually:

  1. Prepare a bulk container, such as a basin. Fill it with warm water. A wool thing is best washed at a temperature not exceeding 30-35 degrees, so that it does not "sit down" after the procedure. Dissolve detergent in water. Stir the liquid to create a foam.
  2. Immerse a knitted hat or scarf in water with detergent dissolved in it. It is not necessary to soak the product, even with significant contamination: prolonged exposure to water can change the structure of the fibers of the material.
  3. Start to gently rub the material, but not very actively, so as not to damage the threads. Strongly soiled areas can be treated with a soft sponge or cloth.
  4. Next, the scarf or hat must be rinsed in clean water to wash out residual detergent from the material. The temperature should be about the same as when washing, as sudden drops can cause shrinkage or deformation.
  5. Remove the product from the water and gently squeeze, but not twisting and pulling, but squeezing evenly from all sides.

Tip: before washing, find a tag on the product and study the information on it. You will probably see recommendations regarding cleaning. And if the machine wash is permissible, then follow the instructions, observing the temperature mode, as well as choosing gentle programs with a minimum number of turns. And in order to preserve the original look and shape of a scarf or hat, it is better to place the thing in a special mesh case, which will reduce the intensity of mechanical stress.

It is important to know that it is better not to expose the fur hat to water and, especially, to a detergent: this can lead to damage. Such a product is better to give dry cleaning.

Choosing the right detergent

For washing knitted wool products, use only soft products. So, you can buy powder for wool and other delicate materials, suitable for hand washing. An excellent alternative will be a liquid product in the form of a gel: it contains much less aggressive components and does not get stuck in the fibers, like small particles of powders.

If the contamination is insignificant, then you can use a normal bath or baby soap, but without dyes (they can eat into the material and stain it). Laundry soap is not suitable, as it contains alkali, which can damage the wool.

Another option is hair shampoo: it can make the threads softer, especially if you choose a product for children. But make sure that the composition does not include aggressive substances or additives that can form plaque or spoil material (silicones, mineral oils).

To keep the product soft and fresh, like after buying, use a conditioner for laundry. It should also be suitable for knitted things. It is simple to apply it: at the rinsing stage, dissolve a small amount of product in warm water and immerse the thing in the liquid. Gently rinse and gently squeeze.

Dark knitted things can be washed using a folk remedy - mustard. Dissolve several tablespoons of powdered product in a basin. Immerse the product in this brownish liquid and proceed with the wash. Then thoroughly rinse the hat or scarf. But for light and color products, this recipe is not suitable.

Tip: in order to reduce the hardness of the water and make the item soft, you can add a small amount of vinegar when rinsing. One teaspoon per liter will suffice.

Proper drying

Products from wool must not only be carefully washed, but also properly dried. With the usual drying on rods or ropes, the thing can stretch out a lot, lose shape or get an ugly hall. It is unacceptable to dry scarves and hats under direct sunlight or near heating objects, otherwise they will "sit down".

It is recommended to dry knitted products in a horizontal position on a flat surface. It can be a table that is better laid with a towel or any well absorbent liquid. And to speed up the process, it is necessary to provide ventilation and air circulation.

To do this, from a gauze or similar mesh material, make a kind of hammock, tying the ends of a long piece to the supports. Put a scarf or hat here and leave. Since excess water will drain, a rag should be spread under the thing.

Ironing knitted thing is problematic, especially voluminous. To prevent material damage, iron through gauze. A complex, large and relief products is best to steam. Use for this a special device steamer or iron with the appropriate function.

Now you can wash the hat or scarf correctly and do not worry about the fact that after such a procedure the products will deteriorate.

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