Rest in Bahrain: 5 reasons to go there right now

If Turkey and Egypt are already bored, and the heart is asking for adventure - take a look at Bahrain.

The scattering of 33 islands of the kingdom for 4000 years has attracted travelers from all over the world. We found out why spending your holidays there is the best solution!

Photo: from the archive of Coral travel

Convenient to reach

Photo: from the archive of Coral travel

The 33 islands of the Kingdom of Bahrain are located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. You can fly to Saudi Arabia and ride to Bahrain by car, admiring the beauty of the sea. And you can take a plane and fly to the airport of Bahrain - the flight from any country in the Arabian Gulf will take no more than an hour.

Amazing culture and history

Photo: from the archive of Coral travel

Bahrain is an ancient state with an amazing history. The archipelago of islands is famous for pearls of unprecedented beauty: pearls found here at one time became part of the jewelry of the great kings of the whole world, and even now Bahraini jewels are also in honor of jewelers.

In Manama - the capital of Bahrain - the most ancient Fort Calat al-Bahrain, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, has survived to this day. At one time, various nations lived in this fortification - from the Sumerians to the Arabs, therefore the fort is a complex of buildings for various purposes: from residential buildings to military and commercial buildings.

In the former capital of the kingdom, the city of Muharraq, fans of unusual architecture will find a lot of interesting things. In addition, here you can see with your own eyes the building that started the Pearl Trade Route. Fans of cultural recreation will appreciate the center. Sheikh Ibrahim, where film shows and art exhibitions are held regularly.

Awesome shopping

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For those who love to shop, a real paradise begins after crossing the Bab al-Bahrain gate - the main entrance to the Souk Manama market. The main difference of this place from traditional shopping centers around the world is amazing eclecticism. Modern designer shops are side by side with local shops where you can find spices, shoes, jewelry, fabrics and much more.At the same time, a few steps from local businessmen are samples of the latest collections of leading Western designers.

And, of course, here it is possible and necessary to buy pearls: is it possible to resist the temptation to buy a strange piece of jewelry that the noblest persons once wore?

And do not worry about the language barrier: all sellers speak excellent English and will be happy not only to advise the buyer, but also how to bargain!

Fun entertainment

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Amvage Islands is a recognized entertainment center in Bahrain, located very close to the capital. Here you can meet windsurfers and kiters, and there are several schools that will quickly teach beginners to get up on the board.

Wildlife lovers will appreciate the Bird Kingdom of Aziz: thanks to a controlled ecosystem, more than 70 species of birds live here, some of which are incredibly rare and endangered.

In the entertainment complex "Laguna" you can ride bicycles and mopeds through the shady alleys and have a cup of amazing coffee after a shopping trip.

Comfortable hotels

Photo: from the archive of Coral travel

Here, on the Amvage Islands, in the epicenter of tourist life, cozy hotels welcome guests. Choose any - everyone will meet you as a dear guest!

HotelART ROTANA AMWAJ ISLANDSwill give travelers a five-star tropical bliss: 311 rooms, its own luxurious beach, 8 cafes and restaurants at the service of any, even the most discerning guest.

In a hotelSOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSAone of the best thalassocenters in Bahrain, which helps women from all over the world to return from their holidays even more beautiful.

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