Rihanna returned to billionaire Hassan Jameel?

Do not underestimate Rihanna: even if she says that she is tired of men, this does not mean that she can not afford to return either one of them with a single click of her fingers. In any case, she managed to do it with Hassan Jameel: back in early June, the insider told that Ri-Ri had abandoned the Saudi billionaire because she decided to take a break from the relationship (which the guy had a good touch on), and now the singer, as if nothing had been resting with Hassan in Mexico.

True, judging from the pictures of the paparazzi, it is difficult to name a peaceful rest: in the photos that were taken to the Web, Rihanna furiously chastised her lover with the expression "God, how-you-me-got it," and he answered offended due (and then completely gone). Ree-Ree lit a cigarette and tried to calm down. Perhaps, it is still too early to talk about reunification ... But now we know that the feelings between the singer and the businessman are clearly not cool.

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