Wire rings for weaving chain mail, jewelry

Rings for wire weavingis the easiest and safest way to do your own rings for weaving chain mail, chains and jewelry, it’s very simple to make and you don’t have to buy rings at the store, you can also make the necessary rings colors and size.

Materials and tools:

  1. wire;
  2. Drill with speed and drill adjustments
  3. tube (diameter depends on the required diameter of the rings);
  4. tree stumps;
  5. dremel (or hacksaw for metal)
  6. Cutters.

Step 1

The first step is to make a spring of wire, winding the wire on the rod. There are many ways to do this on the Internet. We advise to use our, it is less time consuming.

Take a bar, drill a hole in it (diameter depends on tube diameter). Now one end of the tube is inserted into the hole in the bar, the other is fixed in the drill.Then we attach the end of the wire to the tubes, turning on the drill at a low speed, we begin to wind the wire onto the tube, tightly placing the turn to the turn. When finished winding, nippers bite off the excess wire.

Step 2

Prepare the bars for the convenience of making rings, it is enough to do them once, and then use them as a template.

Take a bar of the necessary size (depending on the thickness of the bar depends on what length of the spring we saw at a time), then drill through the hole through the bar; To determine the diameter of the hole, measure the diameter of the spring made in the last step and take a drill bit of a slightly larger diameter. To speed up the process, we drill several such holes in the bar at once.

After manufacturing, the bar is left as a "template."

Step 3

Before making the rings, we'll take another step: on the bar "in front of the holes" draw a line, approximately in the middle of the hole and make a cut - this makes for the convenience of sawing the springs.

Let's get started: measure the depth of the hole, bite the spring of the same length from the spring and insert it into the hole.In this way, fill the spring with all the holes. Now, so that the springs "do not fly out" of the hole, put it on the bar above and below and fix it with tape (or scotch tape). Then we take a dremel (or a hacksaw for metal) and cut the spring "along the kerf in a bar".

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