Rolshtora in the interior

Rolshtora, or rolled curtains - a popular type of curtains, serving as an excellent alternative to traditional fabric curtains or faceless blinds. They represent the direct cloth wound on a special shaft. To adjust the length of the curtains, it is enough to use a special mechanism - manual type or mechanical.

Interior styles and blinds

A variety of textures and colors allows you to choose the blinds for the interior in any style. Easy-to-use and beautiful roller blinds will decorate the room in high-tech, classical, baroque, country or any other style.Rolshtora can have remote control, the electric drive in cases if curtains hang too highly or to regulate the provision of a cloth is problematic for some other reason.
Rolshtora can differ in the sizes and design features, a shade of fabric, drawing. For example, you can easily find rolstora for a nursery, in this case cartoon characters, heroes of fairy tales, bright flowers, teddy bears, stars and more will be drawn on the canvas.In the living room or kitchen will look optimal rolled curtains with floral patterns. Perfectly look rolshtora with a geometrical pattern, monophonic options. Tissue density may also vary.

Main advantages of rolshtor

Rolled curtains can be a highlight of the interior of the apartment, office, often the curtains of this type can be seen in stores, beauty salons. They give room for imagination and at the same time help to adjust the level of illumination in the room at will. This is an excellent replacement for heavy curtains and transparent curtains that do not protect the room from the sun's rays.Modern rolshtora are made of special fabrics which are inherent in pyleottalkivayushchy, sun-reflecting properties. Wear-resistant material prevents pollution, the accumulation of static electricity.
It is necessary to fix the blinds to the window, because when folded, these curtains are a cassette. Guides are mounted on the double-glazed window - it is along them that the curtain moves. If desired, stylish rolshtor can be rolled completely into a cassette so that the fabric does not fade.Caring for roller blinds is to regularly remove dust with a sponge, and if necessary, cleaners with a neutral composition are used.

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