Round newspaper casket box

Nowadays weaving of newspaper tubes is becoming increasingly popular. Lesson is not difficult enough, besides it is very fascinating and interesting. The cost of acquiring the source material is practically minimal, since everything that is required for the manufacture of a round casket made from newspaper tubes is absolutely everyone. For work you will need: • Old newspapers or newsprint. • Plain knife. • Thin needle. • • PVA glue. • • Food colors. • • Varnish • Brush for processing the finished product.
For work will require
Step by step description the manufacture of caskets. 1. Directly weaving the box will be made of newspaper tubes, which will require approximately 200-220 pieces. In order to get a newspaper tube, you need a newspaper or magazine, using a conventional knife, to cut across the stripes, the width of which is about 5 cm.If you are planning tubules of darker colors, then you can use the newspaper. For tubes of light and bright colors, newsprint should be used, since letters may appear through painting.
 using the knife
cut into strips
2. In order for the tubule to be long and neat, the needle should be used as thin as possible. On the edge of the newspaper strip fits the needle at an angle of 35-40 degrees. The smaller the angle, the thinner the tube. From thin tubes the product turns out to be more accurate and more gentle. Tightly pressing the edge of the paper to the spoke, you need to twist the tube. The remaining upper edge to lubricate with white glue and screw the tube to the end. Needle pull out. The tube is ready.
twist the straw
3. For painting tubes you can use the stain and food dyes. To paint with a stain, just drop the tubes in the bottle with this solution and remove them immediately. Leave to dry in the fresh air for 3 hours. To paint the tubes with food dyes, it is necessary to dilute them according to the instructions and lower the tubes into the paint container for 5-7 seconds.Dry in a warm place until dry.
 edge to glue with the glue
 paint with paint
4. To weave the bottom of the box you need 4 groups of tubes, 2 in each, put a cross - over each other. These tubes are called stanchions.
 put a cross cross
5. Under the lowest group of tubes substitute 1 working tube and braid in turn each of the groups.
 braid each alternately
6. In order to build up the work tube, it is necessary to fold one edge next in half and insert it into the work pipe. There is no need to glue with it.
 fold in half and insert
7. After 6-7 rows of weaving, the stanchions must be divided in such a way that 8 single (from 4 groups) are formed. Substitute, similarly to the first, another working tube. Next, the product weave "string".To do this, you need the first working tube to clasp the stanchion from above and the second from the bottom. The second riser is similar, only the tube that was on top will go down and the bottom up.  the stanchions must be divided
 here so to divide
braid similarly
8. After the bottom of the desired diameter is ready, the working tubes need to be glued, and after drying, gently cut.  glue the pipes
ducts need to be glued

9. To weave the walls of the box, you need to raise the stanchions up. To do this, we start one stanchion from below under a nearby one and gently lift it upwards. The same work is done with the rest.
 lift up
 one by one to lift 10.If necessary, to increase the size.
 stanchions to increase
11. Insert the form into the product. When using it, the product will be more accurate and even. Substitute 2 working tubes.
 Insert a form into the product
12. Weave a “string” of 2-3 rows. In order to get a pattern, 1 work tube should be replaced with a different color. Next, weave according to the intended pattern.
 replace with another color
13. After completing the weaving of the wall of the box, gluing and cutting the working tubes.
 to glue and trim the tubes
14. Making bend. Start the first stanchion from the inside for the second and round it. The second start for the third. And so on until the end of the series.
 Making a bend
 bent all
15.Next, enter the tip of the first stanchion in the formed hole, after bending around the second, next to the first. To do this manipulation with all the risers. Gently glue on the inside, and cut off after full drying.
 do with all stands
>img src="" alt="cut to full drying" title="cut to full drying">
16. The lid trudges exactly like a bottom. At the end, the bend is made.
 The lid is woven like the bottom
The lid can be decorated according to your desires and fantasies. 17. The finished box is coated with varnish, which will give it shine and strength.
 A round casket made from newspaper tubes

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