Salmon in beets with fried sauce "laarne" » and fennel

Salmon in beets with fried sauce «Béarnaise» and fennelis a step by step recipe.


For sauce «Bearnese»:

  1. 50 g shallots,
  2. 250 grams of butter;
  3. 100 ml of dry red wine;
  4. 5 ml of wine vinegar
  5. flour;
  6. eggs;
  7. bread crumbs

For the sauce «BeerMonte» with beets:

  1. 200 grams of heavy cream;
  2. 100 g butter;
  3. 1 small beet.

For glazed radish and cream fennel:

  1. 180 g fresh medium radish;
  2. 60 g butter;
  3. 600 grams of heavy cream;
  4. 600 g of fennel.

For salmon and feed:

  1. 700-800 g of salmon fillet
  2. 120 ml of fresh beet juice;
  3. 120 ml of fish broth;
  4. 60 g butter;
  5. salt;
  6. oil for frying.


Sauce «Bearnese»

Mix wine with wine vinegar, add shallot, evaporate by half.Add melted butter, beat until thick and pour into the tray. Cool and completely freeze. Cut small balls from the frozen layer, breaded first in flour, then in beaten eggs and finally in breadcrumbs. Immediately freeze again before serving.

Sauce «BeerMonte» with beets

Cook the washed unpeeled beets in boiling water to absolute softness, peel, chop and beat the pulp in a blender into a uniform mashed potatoes. Beat the softened butter with cream, add beet puree, mix.

Glazed Radish and Creamy Fennel

Radishes cut in half. Pour some water into a saucepan, put radishes (it should be covered by about 2/3 of water), bring to a boil, add oil and evaporate all the water, shaking the saucepan. At the same time, cut the fennel into sectors, simmer in another stewpan until half cooked in a small amount of water with salt. Then pour the cream and cook until thick.

Salmon Cooking and Serving

Cut the salmon fillets into 6 portioned pieces. Mix the beet juice with fish broth and sprinkle the pieces of salmon in the mixture to the desired degree of readiness.Frozen Breaded Sauce Balls «Bearnez»Fryquicklyinhotoiluntillightbrowncrustonbothsides.Beetroot&lamoraine»pouroneachservingplateintheformofacircle,putonapieceofsalmononit.Nexttoputfried«Bearnese», fennel in cream and glazed radish.

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