Salty dough Valentine's Day craft

How can a traditional gift for the Valentine's Day be made in a non-traditional way - valentine? Earlier we considered how you can make a card for this wonderful holiday. Now we offer to make this symbolic declaration of love - a heart - from salt dough.

At the same time, to make an article for Valentine's Day from salt dough look original and as advantageous as possible, we will try to make it in unusual technique.

 Crafts for Valentine's Day from salt dough

Crafts for Valentine's Day from salty dough

What you need:

Plastic salted dough. We make it according to a simple recipe: to one serving of salt dissolved in warm water, we mix two equal portions of flour. If it turned out to be a bit thin, mix a little more flour, if it's a bit thick - add a little water.

Any colors.You can use food, you can - ordinary watercolors, gouache or acrylic. We took the red, pink, purple and white color.

Rolling pin and molds in the form of hearts. It is easy to make them yourself from cans of drinks, cutting them into rings and slightly deepening one side in the center. To make it safe for a child to work with homemade molds, the edges are bent inward.

An awl or any thin rod.

A dense yarn - a piece of yarn for knitting or fine twine.

We divide the cooked dough into as many parts as we use dyes. The best option is 5-6 pieces. Tinted each of them in its color, we mix it well.

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