Sama VS specialist: whiten teeth without harm

If you do not want to spend half the salary on a trip to the clinic and worry about the state of your teeth after a professional procedure.

Nowadays, everyone dreams of becoming owners of perfectly white teeth. That is why almost every day there are new brands that are ready to offer effective whitening toothpastes, special brushes that can whiten teeth themselves. If we talk about a more professional level, then specialists create new devices and technologies that will painlessly make teeth a few tones lighter. However, it is not as cheap as I would like. That is why we asked the expert what type of bleaching is more gentle and safe.

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Maxim Khyshov, implant surgeon, head physician of the Refformat clinic:
Maxim Hyshov

- To date, there are two types of this procedure: home and so-called room (that is professional) bleaching. Consider the details of each format.

Homemade whitening

Of course, the “whitening at home” format is attractive to many: no need to waste time visiting the clinic, it is convenient and comfortable. In this case, caps are applied with a special bleaching ingredient that contains hydrogen peroxide. However, the concentration of the whitening component is less than with the professional whitening procedure. It sounds attractive, but there are also risks.

As a rule, in this case for bleaching applycaps with a special gelthat you need to "wear" at night. In this case, the gel can leak and traumatize the gums. And this, at least, will cause pain, and with the most unfavorable result - a chemical burn. Another disadvantage of home bleaching is the lack of a guaranteed effect. In essence, the use of cap for bleaching at home is more likely to work to maintain the result obtained after professional bleaching.

If you consider teeth whitening usingwhitening pastesit is worth knowing that they include abrasives, which are aimed at removing plaque. Excessive and prolonged use of such pastes leads tothat the enamel begins to wear away from friction. Thus, whitening paste often does more harm than good. In more expensive pastes, hydrogen peroxide is used; however, they cannot visibly lighten the teeth, working as a complete whitening procedure. The choice of toothpaste should be approached responsibly, coordinating this or that product with your dentist, because in most cases, whitening pastes sooner or later cause sensitivity.

Professional care

If you decide on professional care, you should take into account the fact that the sensitivity of the teeth will be increased within a few days after the procedure. Also, many people think that after the procedure, a snow-white smile will last forever. However, the resulting effect, as well as its durability, is a relative and individual thing. For example, someone may have a “snow-white result” for several years, while others may be lucky enough to trump white teeth for only a couple of months. A similar variation in the resulting effect is associated with the anatomy of the edentin and edental tubules, which have their own shade laid down genetically.Simply put, this property is innate, like skin color or eye color. That is, edentin can be whitened to the level of “squeak”, but later it will still restore its original natural color.

On average, the effect of whitening lasts from one to three years. And in this process, attention, the patient’s food and bad habits are actively involved. Coffee, tea - all these drinks do not improve the color of enamel.

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Whitening effect

You should not abuse bleach: it is recommended to do bleaching no more than once every six months. In this case, be prepared for the "opposite effect": a couple of weeks after the procedure, the color of the teeth may fade, approaching a few shades to its natural tone. Do not worry, the procedure was carried out not in vain: until the end of the shade, as a rule, does not return.

Keep in mind another important nuance: the fillings do not change their color, so a couple of weeks after bleaching, you can begin the procedure for replacing them (with analogues of a lighter shade). Alternatively, you can restore the seals installed earlier.

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