Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

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Seborrhea is called dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. It is characterized by excessive production of defective skin lubrication, which reduces antimicrobial skin properties and creates the basis for the formation of infection.

Information about seborrhea

Before starting treatment, you should find out some information about seborrhea. The basis of this problem is the body's neuroendocrine dysfunctions, autonomic dystonia. The abnormal functions of the endocrine system consist in an imbalance of sex hormones (an increase in the number of androgens and a decrease in the number of estrogens). It is worth noting that the symptoms increase with excessive eating sweets, spicy and salty foods.

Seborrhea occurs on any part of the skin on which there are sebaceous glands. But it appears more often where there are too many of them and their size is the largest: on the face, in the hair, on the back or on the chest. Usually this problem is of concern during puberty.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

In 10% of cases, seborrhea becomes a chronic problem, transforming into seborrheic dermatitis. The latter is already considered a disease.

Causes of seborrhea

The cause of seborrhea lies in the wrong balance of fat. It is caused by an abnormal amount of hormones during puberty. A large number of male hormones (in both sexes) causes the production of excessive amounts of fat.

The process of removing grease from the sebaceous glands is broken, which reduces the ability of the skin to resist microbes. This sets the stage for infections. The risk factors are:

genetic factor;
disorders of the nervous system and psyche;
gastrointestinal dysfunction;
hormonal imbalance;
chronic infections;
disorders of the diet;
thyroid disease;
dysfunction of the genitals;
excessive consumption of salty, spicy foods and sweets;
stressful states;
neglect of hygiene;
endocrine dysfunction;
negative impact of external factors.

Species of seborrhea

There are three types of seborrhea: dry, oily, mixed.

With oily or liquid seborrhea, the first symptoms are noticeable in 10-14 years.Excessive secretion of fat changes the appearance of skin areas where there is a large number of sebaceous glands. On them, the skin is covered with a layer of fat, shines, coarsens, and dust easily lingers on it. The openings of the follicles and glands dilate, clogged with traffic jams. By the age of 25-28, the intensity of the symptoms decreases.

Another type - dry seborrhea - also manifests itself in the period of maturation. It is also often found, as well as fat. Representatives of the stronger sex often suffer from it. Its manifestations are most noticeable on the head and face. The skin becomes dry, flaky, easily irritated. Independent elimination of the disease occurs by 25 or 30 years.

In a mixed form, the symptoms of the two previous varieties are noted on the same areas of the body.

The treatment process is based on the following stages:

elimination of disorders of the nervous system;
normalization of the digestive tract, diet;
the appointment of vitamins C, E, A and B, iron and sulfur;
outdoor exposure.

What causes seborrhea

It is worth knowing what seborrhea leads to. Other bacterial problems are often added to it: boils, folliculitis, etc. There are rashes due to allergies - seboroids.

Because of it, skin changes appear during puberty: black dots, pore widening, acne. In maturity, eczema and baldness develop, purulent acne and acne occur, and senile warts form in old age.

To avoid the occurrence of this problem, it is necessary to strictly observe hygiene, take vitamins, temper, treat gastrointestinal diseases.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp. Treatment methods

Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the scalp is possible only in the complex. A significant role is played by home remedies for hair. For this fit and medications. It is necessary to undergo treatment at the doctor. The main methods that are used by doctors to get rid of seborrhea are:

prescribing drugs that regenerate the function of the vegetative system;
elimination of all diseases in the body;
hormones (with severe form);

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

proper diet (large amounts of fiber, fermented milk products, oatmeal, restriction of fat intake, salt, spicy seasonings). This is required to eliminate violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
taking vitamins, sulfur, zinc;
cryotherapy, herbal therapy, ultraviolet radiation, etc .;
sports, walks, sunbathing, swimming in lakes and seas, hardening.

When hair loss due to seborrhea is required to limit the use of headgear, more often be in the sun, if there are no contraindications. In thick seborrhea (dry), various hormonal ointments are used, as well as with the addition of sulfur and willow bark acid. With liquid seborrhea help these drugs on alcohol.

In the case of dry seborrhea, sulfur ointment is very effective. It smears the roots on the parting and massaged for 5 minutes. The course is 8 days. On the 9th day, the hair should rest, on the 10th they should be washed with healing shampoos with zinc, selenium, etc. On the 11th day, treatment with boric acid is necessary (2 tsp per 150 grams of heated water). The composition is rubbed at night, insulated. The procedure is repeated for 3 days. Then you need to rest for 7 days, and on the 10th day you need to wash your hair. A similar approach to getting rid of thick seborrhea is used about 3 times.

With the liquid manifestation of seborrhea, it is required a month to massage the roots with a solution of sodium thiosulfate 60% and salicylic acid 2%, and sulsen paste or Naftalan oil on alcohol will also work.

Oily seborrhea.Treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of oily seborrhea is effective with the help of folk remedies. One of its main opponents is burdock, or rather its roots. The special structure restores the function of the glands, prevents the formation of harmful microflora.

2 tablespoons of ground roots are required to cover 1 tbsp. boiling water and boil over moderate heat for a quarter of an hour. Massage the skin every 2 days for 14 days, then wash the hair with shampoo. With a liquid form, this tool eliminates dandruff and activates hair growth. It is also required to take inside the composition of burdock root decoction, nettle and wormwood tincture in equal shares of 2 tbsp. three times a day.

Drinking soda is another remedy. Half an hour before washing the roots are massaged with a solution - 1 tsp. on 1 tbsp. water.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

Washing the hair for 2 months after 3 days with a decoction of oak bark is useful for seborrheic manifestations. To prepare 3 tablespoons of bark pour 1 liter of water, send to the fire until boiling and boil for a quarter of an hour. Then you need to give the broth to stand for half an hour and skip through the gauze. If a liter is not enough, then you need to cook more.After treatment, it is important to rinse dried hair after washing.

Consider a variety of masks with egg:

the yolk is mixed in equal parts with alcohol and water. The composition massage the skin after washing and wash off after a quarter of an hour. The yolk will prevent the release of fat;
2 protein shake to foam, massage the roots with them. Wash after drying the mask with soap;
2 tablespoons Chamomile color pour 50 ml of boiling water. Let stand 4 hours, then pass through a sieve, mixed with protein and beat. Massage the roots and rinse with sulfur soap after the mask dries.

Wraps and masks are required to keep at least a quarter of an hour and repeat after 10 days. The wraps recipes are as follows:

A decoction of crushed leaves of walnut is prepared as follows: 5 spoons pour ½ liter of water. Gauze in 4 layers is moistened in heated broth, wrapped with washed hair, wrapped. Wash hair after wrapping;
tincture of calendula diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1, moisten gauze in it, wrap hair in it, insulate. Rinse with clean water. To create the tincture will need a handful of flowers, filled with 100 grams of boiled water. Infused for 60 minutes, filtered and enriched 1 tsp.honey.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

Infusions of herbs have a positive effect on the health of the hair, because their use for seborrhea will bring considerable benefits:

1 tbsp. birch leaves chop and pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. Allow to stand for a third of an hour. The composition is washed three times in 7 days. Repeat 15 times;
St. John's wort is prepared on the basis of water in a ratio of 1: 5. They need to rinse hair three times in 7 days. Perform the procedure 15 times. After 21 days, the course is repeated;
An infusion of tansy flowers is made on water in the ratio of 1:15. They wash their heads twice in 7 days. Repeat 10 times. After 2 months spend again;
tincture of wormwood washed curls every other day, make manipulations 15 times. The course is held again after 21 days;
Chamomile infusion used in the process of washing hair three times in 7 days. Course duration - 15 times;
Sage infusion is used when washing hair three times in 7 days. The total rate is 12 repetitions.

Masks from oily seborrhea:

ch.n. bodyguards, ½ tsp. boric acid for ½ tbsp. water mixed to a thick consistency. Heat on low heat and massage the roots of the hair with a warm composition until a burning sensation occurs. Wash off in half an hour. Produce once every 5 days. Repeat 8 times;
one day before bedtime, propolis extract is used to lubricate the skin. He creates a film. In the morning, it is removed by wiping the skin with cotton wool soaked in vodka or alcohol. It takes 30 repetitions;
henna cream will also benefit. Henna is filled with heated water, mixed with a cosmetic. The ratio is 1: 2: 5. Composition to massage the hair roots a couple of times in 7 days. Repeat 8 times.

Treatment of dry seborrhea folk remedies

With thick seborrhea, there is insufficient fat production, so it needs to be replenished. Treatment of dry seborrhea folk remedies brings considerable benefits. Fatty agents and oils are allowed. Do not forget that it is impossible to massage with oil intensively, as this injures the hair. Massaging the skin requires at least a quarter of an hour, carefully, but with care. Recipes for rubbing and wraps are as follows:

oil extract of burdock to massage the hair roots, then warm them for 2 hours. Remove shampoo. Repeat twice in 7 days for 30 days. The course is required to be held again after 6 months;
Parsley oil tincture is prepared as follows: roots are poured with castor oil or ordinary 1: 5 oil.Then heated for a couple of half an hour, passed through a sieve and used for massage. The procedure should be carried out 15 times a day;
tricolor violet is required to fill with oil 1 to 5, let stand for 2 hours, warm for a couple of half an hour and filter;
It benefits from a massage of three oils: sunflower, olive and burdock (1 part) and lemon juice. Massage partings with a gap of 1 cm;
black poplar buds with lard and butter to warm for 60 minutes for a couple. After filter out;
Crush the hazelnut until smooth with water. Massaging the roots several times in 7 days. Repeat 20 times;
wrapping with the use of yolk and castor helps to get rid of dry seborrhea. Stir the yolk and spoonful of castor oil, smear the roots and warm. Hold for 40 minutes. Rinse in the usual way;
Sea buckthorn oil mixed with olive oil 1 part to 9. Twice in 7 days to massage the roots for 10 minutes before taking a bath, making partings with an interval of 3 cm;
henna mixed with warm water and cream, proportion 1 to 2 to 7. Compound lubricate the roots twice in 7 days. It takes 12 reps.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp: causes, treatment at home

Herbal infusions will benefit when getting rid of thick seborrhea. Their preparation does not require skill and expensive components:

tincture of onion peel is used for washing the hair and for massaging the roots twice in 7 days. It will take at least 10 repetitions;
oregano infusion filter, they need to wash curls three times a week. The course is 15 repetitions. A minimum of 21 days between courses;
The coltsfoot tincture is required to wash the hair three times in 7 days. Perform manipulations 15 times. After 21 days again, take a course.

A mask based on soap, plant oil, mayonnaise or honey will bring a lot of benefit. 1 part of the oil is mixed with half of the soap or cream (instead of them you can take tsp. Of mayonnaise and honey). The composition is heated and the roots are massaged with a brush or cotton. Curls need to comb a couple of times in order to uniformly distribute the mask. Then cover the hair with plastic and a towel. After an hour rinse with warm water and soap and rinse with a solution of citric acid (for 1 liter of water ½ tsp).

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