Secrets of cooking Arab tabula

If you like fresh salads and often try something new, then you will definitely like the spicy and aromatic Arab tabula. This dish will appeal to all and will occupy an honorable place on a festive or dining table. And even the beginning hostess will cope with preparation.

What is a taboo?

Tabbouleh is an Arabic dish, which is a salad or fresh snack. The two main components are bulgur (crushed, boiled water and dried wheat) and fresh parsley. Juicy tomatoes and onions are often added. A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is used as a dressing. Optionally, mint, green onions and other herbs are introduced in the tabula, which improve odor and give a unique taste. Different spices can be used for flavor and savor. Bulgur can be replaced with couscous.

Before cooking, the bulgur is boiled or simply poured with boiling water for steaming, if the grinding is fine. Parsley is chopped, and only leaves without branches are used.Tomatoes with green onions are finely chopped. The slightly cooled but still warm bulgur is filled with lemon juice and olive oil, due to which it acquires a special taste. Then the rest of the ingredients are added.

Syria and Lebanon are considered the birthplace of the dish, and in these countries it is customary to serve the tabula in the traditional way - on lettuce leaves. You can eat lettuce with the same leaves or pieces of pita.


How to cook tabula? First stock up with the necessary products:

  • 100 g of bulgur (couscous is allowed to be replaced);
  • several green onions;
  • three medium-sized bunches of parsley;
  • five to seven mint leaves;
  • small onion head or half onion;
  • two large tomatoes;
  • three tbsp. l. olive oil;
  • half a lemon;
  • half a teaspoon or a little more sea salt.


  1. Bulgur need to steam. To do this, fill it with the same amount of freshly boiled water and leave it to absorb moisture. The croup should turn out to be dense: as the Italians say, to reach the state of “al dente”, but in no way boil down and turn into a mess. Allow the boiluga to cool by placing a bowl with him on the windowsill for literally twenty minutes.
  2. Take care of other ingredients for now.Wash and dry the parsley, separate the leaves and chop them very finely with a knife. Do the same for the green onions arrows.
  3. Peel and peel the onions.
  4. Tomatoes are cut into small cubes. So that they are crushed faster, and the tabula turned out to be more tender, you can remove the skin from the tomatoes, after having doused them with boiling water or immersing them in hot water for a few minutes (after this treatment, the skin will easily separate and peel off).
  5. Chilled, but still warm bulgur, pour the juice squeezed out of half a lemon, mix it for uniform absorption. You can immediately add oil, but it is permissible to add it at the end of the cooking process.
  6. In a salad bowl or other suitable container, combine all the ingredients, add olive oil (if you have not added it before), salt the salad and mix thoroughly.
  7. Let the tabula stand for a bit so that the bulgur absorbs the juices and aromas, acquires a bright smell and becomes tender.
  8. Serve the finished dish to the table.

Few secrets

Recommendations that will help you get an appetizing taboule salad, enjoy its taste and surprise the household or guests:

  • You can do with the Bulgur otherwise. If the grits are coarse, cooking is permissible, but for a short time, so that the grains do not boil soft and remain fairly dense. You can pour bulgur with any amount of water, then drain the residue, fold the cereal into a colander and allow it to dry. There is also an option for those who are sorely lacking time: fill the product with the same amount of water and put it in the microwave for three to five minutes, choosing the maximum power.
  • The above is a simple classic recipe, but you can customize and change it by introducing other ingredients that you like. It can be fragrant herbs: cilantro, basil, dill and others. Tomatoes can be supplemented with fresh cucumbers, if desired, add Bulgarian pepper. For piquancy, add some garlic. Experiment with spices. But it is important not to overdo it, so that the seasonings do not muffle the fresh aromas of greenery and do not interfere with the taste of the main components.
  • It is very important not to overdo the bulgur so that it does not turn into a porridge, otherwise the dish will not be as tasty as it should be.
  • Be sure to let the tabula brew a little before serving,so that bulgur or couscous, which is in the state of “al dente”, absorbs olive oil, as well as juices of lemon, tomatoes and greens.
  • You can serve tabula as a salad, a light and fresh snack or as a supplement to the main hot dish or side dish. For example, you can beautifully present barbecue.
  • Do not use rough and hard parsley branches, add only leaves.
  • In summer, you can send the finished salad to the fridge for a while: then it will help you escape the heat and refresh yourself.
  • To make a taboo delicious, cut the ingredients of the dish finely. The smaller the pieces, the juicier and fresher the salad will turn out.

If you want to cook something fresh, original and tasty, make a tabula Arab salad!

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