Selection of building materials

When building houses and any other objects it is important to use only high-quality building materials. But how to choose them and where to buy them? Many building materials can be sold in poor quality or be overdue. This is especially true for building mixtures and any other types of materials that can be used immediately after purchase. In any case, you should only buy building materials in specialized stores, it is better if they are checked before you. That is, if someone has already purchased goods there. In this case, it will be correct to consult with them. When buying construction materials it is important to pay attention to their external condition. Any chip, scratch or expiry date should be carefully examined by you. After choosing certain materials, you need to remember how to properly use them.

Types of building materials.

Building materials are of several types:

- heat-insulating;

- Timber;

- facing;

- finishing;

- paintwork.

Thermal insulation is used to conserve heat in the room. Its characteristics are as follows: it has a low degree of thermal conductivity.

Lumber is used for construction, larch and its derivatives are in great demand. In addition, there are molded products - it is trim, handrails, window sills, baseboards. It is accepted to divide wood into types depending on the level of its humidity and its other properties.

For the exterior and interior can be used various types of plasters, panels and siding. Composite panels, facade granite, siding and plaster mixes, and decorative plaster are well suited for outdoor use.

Building materials can perform and finishing function. They are used for decorative purposes and to improve the operational properties of buildings, they may include paper, metal, plastic. Finishing the floors - this is a completely different group of building consumables.

In all the abundance of building materials, one more type can be distinguished: paints and varnishes. They are applied in a powder or liquid state. They are designed to protect the surface from external damage by creating a solid film.The range of paints and varnishes is very wide. It includes various paints, varnishes, primers, enamels.

In any case, the purchase of materials should take into account their properties and basic qualities. It is necessary to know the expiry date and the time of their operation, since some differ also by seasonality.

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