Sensual and plump: how to visually enlarge the lips

Of course, this can be done by injection, but we know more simple ways.

As psychologists say, thin lips are a sure sign of energy. But despite this fact, many people dream that their lips are more voluminous than nature has given them. With a few hyaluronic acid injections, you can make them plump, but if you can't decide or are afraid to overdo a little and go beyond naturalness, you can adjust the shape with a couple of movements. BrowUp Makeup Artist! & MakeUp Spartak Vardanyan told how to do it in a matter of minutes.

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“If you do not belong to the happy owners of plump lips, given by nature, you should not despair. Proper makeup can significantly increase even the thinnest lips, giving them a seductive volume, ”says Spartak Vardanyan.

To do this, you need to revise the contents of cosmetic bags in order to acquire the most necessary beauty tools. You will need the following products:

1.Contour pencil as close as possible to your natural lip color.

Professional life hacking: to choose the right shade of the contour pencil, slightly bite your lips and look at the color that has appeared - it will be the perfect shade for the contour

2.Refill the makeup bag with sparkles with the effect of push-up and menthol in the composition. They increase the flow of blood to the lips and saturate the color.

3.Highlighter when creating make-up will highlight and visually increase the upper lip.

Lip Pencil Crayon Lèvres, Clarins
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Lip Pencil Glide-on Lip Pencil, Urban Decay
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Lip Maximizer, Dior
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Highlight Touche Eclat Collector 2017, Yves Saint Laurent
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Liquid Sterling Nights Face Highlighter, Bobbi Brown
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Bulb lips: instructions for use

It seems that everything is too difficult? We suggest laying everything out on the shelves - keep detailed instructions.

Step 1:Muffle the natural shade of the lips with foundation. This can be done with the help of the sponge (with which you applied a tone to the face - there will be enough residuals).

Step 2:Circle the lips with a pencil, slightly going beyond the contour in the center of the lower and upper lips.

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Step 3:Apply a tint to your lips on a new contour so that the indicated borders and lips will be painted uniformly in one color.

Step 4:Next, apply lipstick or gloss of the desired shade.

Step 5:It's time for the highlighter. Put a dot on the dimple above the upper lip. Then draw a thin line around the so-called cupid arrow.

Step 6:Take a thin brush (suitable for the one you use for the shadows) and brown blush for contouring to highlight the recess under the lower lip. Then blend well. This technique is necessary in order to visually draw the shadow of the "plump" lower lip.

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