Serena Williams questioned her ability to be a good mother.

Suddenly, for all fans of Serena Williams, who is considered one of the strongest rackets in the world, withdrew from participation in the championship for the Rogers Cup in Canada. Serena explained her decision very simply: participation in the tournament made her feel like a bad mother, and now baby Olympia is a tennis player in the first place.

"Last week was difficult for me. I not only had to face serious personal trials, I was altogether in a daze. And basically, I felt like not the mother, ”Serena shared in a frank post on Instagram.

She decided to inspire and support all young mothers who, in the first years of their babies' life, are especially worried about how well they manage to cope with their new parental responsibilities.

“I have read several articles about the fact that such a postpartum condition can be delayed for three years if nothing is done. But I believe that it is necessary to pronounce.After talking with my mom, sisters and friends, I realized that such feelings are normal, ”added Williams. According to her, she doesn’t spend enough time with her daughter ... At least, it seems so to her, but this feeling has nothing to do with reality. "Most moms are faced with this. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a housewife or a working woman, to find a balance between family and work is real art. You are all real heroines! I am here to say: if you have a difficult day or a difficult week - do not worry, this is normal. I experience the same thing. But tomorrow will come anyway! ”Concluded Serena.

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