Sex in seconds

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  • Avatar

    13 December at 0:41 |

    Mine, too, ends quickly, but before that it tries to warm me up properly, but this is still not enough, if only a little longer. Here I think, maybe he should drink something.

  • AvatarLady x

    11 December at 4:14 pm |

    No, it's enough for me once, only at least 10 minutes so. I will not be enough for more)

  • AvatarLove

    10 December at 20:14 |

    There is always a way out if you are ready to look for him. Just have sex more often, spend more time on foreplay, try to make your husband worry less, etc. In a pharmacy, get and drink neurodosis. And you can also consult a sexologist.

    • AvatarAvosina

      December 11 at 1:50 am |

      My muzhchika is also fast, but the second, third, fourth time may, and the farther away the longer the time.

      • AvatarLove

        11 December at 16:56 |

        Lady X, well, I give you good advice: treat with neurosis. You will then remember me with gratitude (for the advice) :)

        • AvatarLady x

          December 12 at 15:24 |

          Well, in order to buy it, you need to get to the doctor, ask for a prescription, and my foot in the hospital ((

          • AvatarLove

            12 December at 19:19 |

            Yes, a prescription for neurosis is not needed.Go to the pharmacy yourself, buy it and control it so that your love accepts it according to the instructions. Sure, the result will be satisfied with both.

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