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Shoes, what to choose?

Anastasia, hello, tell me what shoes will be in trend this winter and next spring? I like everything that we used to wear in the past seasons - boots, brogues, “army” boots on low run or on a small wide heel, but there is a feeling that buying these models again, you jump into the outgoing train. Thank you


Hello! The trends in shoes are not changing as quickly as trends in clothes. In addition, the global tendency to wear comfortable things suggests that all those shoes that you listed with us for a very long time. I can add more slip-ons and sneakers to this list.

If you want something interesting, then pay attention to the fact that the average heel comes into fashion: half boots, boots and shoes on an average steady heel look very fresh.

Also in fashion will be mules and moccasins with massive square capes and heels, shoes made of velvet.

You can also diversify your shoe wardrobe with creepers, sleepers, biker or country-style boots.


And I do not like the average heel, that is just awful. Although I understand what is convenient and how it turns out to be fashionable, but to me it looks like some kind of shortcoming. Better or very small or tall

What do you think about women's ugg? Are these shoes still fashionable? I just do not know what could be more comfortable and warmer than uggs in winter. The old ones were already worn out, I just thought to buy new ones.

Fashionable, not fashionable - I do not know. But everyone is wearing. Indeed, for comfort and heat-saving properties, uggs have no equal.

I have been going to Uggs for 5 years for sure.

This year I have already bought new uggs with fox fur.https://uggboot.ru/catalog/ugg-fur-fox-uggi-s-mekhom-lisybecause the old ones are worn out.

So I wear, and everywhere they are, and they do not lose their appearance. If you buy douche uggs, it will be quite convenient to clean them of dirt, just wipe them with a damp cloth and they are clean.

Cool, I also want to order myself. And the sole in winter slippery? In wet weather, how do they behave, get wet?

And here I saw uggs sell cheaper, they are probably fakes. I do not know how to distinguish a fake from the original.

Cheap I do not recommend buying. Most likely a fake will be.

In my sole, in winter, in principle, is not slippery, these are original uggs.So as not to get wet, you need to buy hobs, with such a special impregnation.

And how do you feel about this company Kenggi ... how they were worn .. I found themhttp://www.pink-girl.ru/catalog/Obuv/I just can't decide whether to take it or not

Bought a chuny made of natural sheepskinhttp://www.shkurkin.ru/meha-shkurki/11-1.html

A great option for home shoes for all family members.

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