Short mink coats: fashion trends

Modern realities of mink coats

Every year, fashion designers make their own adjustments to the design of fur products. But the most trendy in the world of mink coats was and remains a shortened model. Only the finishing details and accessories change. It can be a clasp in the form of large silver or chrome buttons, or a contrast belt, or even a hood. It is only important that, regardless of the accents, the refined short fur coat is perfectly combined with both skirts and trousers. This thing is so universal that even jeans will not spoil the image at all, they will only make it simpler.
Not so long ago it became fashionable to supplement the main material with other types of fur, as well as to combine colors and textures. But the classics still holds a special place in the windows of boutiques and in the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. Fitted black, brown or gray mink coat, with or without a belt, just above the knee length - and no one dares to doubt the femininity of her mistress.
Depending on the color of fur varies and the price of the product.The color scheme is represented by an incredible amount of shades. Natural, not dyed dark brown mink fur is valued not too expensive, unlike blue mink. Sometimes finding a cherished coat of really good quality becomes a task worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Searches can take from several days to several weeks until the very ideal is met. But if a suitable color is found and the model is well seated on the figure, then for many more years it will deliver a lot of pleasure.

The near future - what will be in fashion this winter

One of the most popular mink coats is a model with a collar-collar. Also in the new season from the catwalks of fashion houses will offer coats with sleeves three-quarters. Hooded models continue to attract attention with their functional and pleasant design, and many women prefer to have fur coats with him.
The widespread interest in the retro style did not go around and mink coats. Flared models with flared sleeves, A-silhouettes, models a la kimono and much more await beautiful ladies in the upcoming fashion season. In the fashion world, a big rush for a pearly white mink is expected.Admittedly, it looks luxurious and attracts attention, but still the owner of the masterpiece should be careful. The fur quickly gets dirty, and unscrupulous dry cleaning can completely deprive it of its original shine.
If we are talking about brilliance, it is worth mentioning another fashionable detail.

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